Is Functional Fitness Right For You? , by @betterhealth


image sources In contrast to popular belief, any given fitness program might not be a good fit for certain individuals. Though society has now made it something very normal, you may not fit in with this group of people that can work themselves to the bone.

If you’re baffled, bear through for there is an explanation. Yes, it’s true that functional fitness basically tries to cover all generic movements, reinforce your stamina, strength, and range of motion yet still, what about those people who can perform daily tasks and nothing more?

Illnesses, weakness, age, and injury can prevent you from doing more than what you're currently capable of. Though you may feel you’re ready for more, your body may not be. Remember before anything else, there’s no need to push limits that shouldn’t be pushed.

In typical cases, functional fitness can cover most people’s necessities. Whether you’re hunting for a better body or a more productive day, functional fitness reaps the benefits to aid you down that road. But for those with physical restraints and disabilities, there’s no harm in realizing what you’re not capable of doing.

If you’re injured, then it’s momentary unless the after effect is lifelong. A scrape or bruise will put you down for a few days. Broken bones will keep you grounded for a much longer period and in some severe cases, the rest of your life. If bodily functions are really something you wish to improve though, then there’s no reason for you to carelessly carry yourself around, injuring your limbs.

Other momentary obstacles can be surgery, pregnancy, traveling or moving and other impactful events in life. There’s no way you can keep up working out each and every day especially if you have other things on your agenda to attend to. Fret not if you miss a day, simply get back into the routine as soon as you can. The longer you wait, the harder it’ll be to return to your former glory. As you grow older, you’ll become more limited to what you can do. Bone health and newly developed issues have to be taken into account before you attempt any kind of workout.

Some people are born with permanent issues that prevent them from working in certain positions. There are many situations you may find yourself in; being born with weaker bone strength could mean you’re incapable of working yourself past a certain degree. Breathing or digestive issues can also hold you down from working out since these areas will be directly affected.

In the next post, I will share about Benefits of Functional Fitness

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