Olympic Road Cycle Race Is Very Different With No Technology Allowed, by @cryptoandcoffee

source There is no guesswork in the Tour de France as cyclists have communications with their team cars who update them regularly.

The Olympic Cycle Road race threw up some surprises as the favorites didn't win in the men's or women's race. Both winners took their chances and luck played a huge role as they were definitely not the strongest riders out there.

The difference in the rules and regulations compared to a race like the Tour de France has enabled riders to take their chances. Riders normally have the luxury of a team who provide them with information via a radio on where they are and who is up ahead with vital information especially with time gaps. At the Olympics cyclists are allowed to be in a team of four and there are no information boards or team radios allowed. This is what the Tour De France used to be like with break away riders winning stages due to lack of information. I think this goes back to what the Olympics stands for and that is a level playing field for every athlete and having expensive equipment with a big support team would go against that.

source Under the radar as the other competitors had no clue she was already up the road ahead of them and went on to win the gold medal.

In the women's race this became fairly obvious when the second rider home raised her hands in the air as though she had won. She thought she had but had failed to count how many break away riders they had caught up with as they had missed Anna Kiesenhofer from Austria who had crossed the finish line 75 seconds beforehand. She was in the initial breakaway that had a lead of over 10 minutes and left those riders at the 41 km mark to go on her own. When the other riders caught that lot they had no idea that Anna had gone ahead and why there was confusion at the end of the race. The problem being is no one knew who she was and her abilities as even she said she would have been happy with atop 25 finish.

I felt sorry for Wout Van Aert the Belgium rider who was the favorite and had to battle against every other rider in the race. The problem is the others knew if van Aert is there at the finish they didn't stand a chance against his sprinting abilities so they constantly attacked him hoping he would crack and fade away.

At one point event the commentary team had called the race until Van Aert started eating into the breakaway riders lead. 50 seconds became 40 seconds then 30 seconds before Van Aert stood up looking for assistance. He was not going to help the others by being their lead out train. Richard Karapaz is not the strongest rider around and to be frank his strategy was spot on as he relied on the others playing cat and mouse which they did.

What would be a nice idea for the Tour De France is to have no radio days where maybe one day per week there is no team communication and see what happens. I believe that technology has taken part of the magic away from the race and it would be good to see something different. The way the teams prepare they are like robots with all the data at their finger tips knowing who is where and even what speed they are travelling at.

The time trial on Wednesday is where I expect to see the top cyclist like Van Aert challenge for gold as it is a level playing field with just you against the clock. There are only two or possibly three riders who realistically have a chance of winning gold in this event as it is that specialised.

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I think I prefer international (Olympic) rules compared to rules on the circuit. Same thing you find in basketball, where the game is a lot more physical compared to the NBA/WNBA


Very interesting. I wonder if having so much information continually fed to you would have a strong unconscious effect on your performance, for better or worse depending on your position in the race

If you think there's no chance of winning you might not push yourself as hard

On the flipside, if you feel certain you ARE going to win you might become complacent and also not try as hard

Either could have a big effect on your final result

Or not


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This is something I had a problem with when I was in a couple of triathlons a few years back. While I am not in exceptional shape there was a very noticeable difference between my borrowed $800 bike and the 5kg $7000 bike next to me. Of course the person with the technological edge is going to do better. I would like to see a standard style of bike provided for the athletes rather than it becoming a question of who has the deepest pockets and the latest tech on their side. But then again, on a global competition level I suppose everyone has the best and newest technology anyway. Sucks on a lower level though.