Introduction to Better Health, by @betterhealth

When you say the word health, you are referring to the wellbeing of yourself or others. So naturally, health becomes a personal matter especially when it revolves around your own health. Everyone wants to be in better health which is again a very natural impulse.

The first and easiest things you can do to better your health is to eat properly and work out routinely. Eating properly can be dieting and monitoring what comes into your kitchen. Working out, on the other hand, can be somewhat trickier.

Working out doesn’t mean you have to become a bodybuilder or weightlifter though those are possible achievements to gain from working out. It could simply mean you want to maintain a certain weight or keep your body moving properly and functionally. In such cases, to maintain proper health you don’t need dumbbells and treadmills, only a functional fitness routine.

In the next post I will explain more about functional fitness routine. In a meantime please follow and resteem my post if you find it helpful. Your upvote is much appreciated too. Thank you!

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Welcome to STEEM!

Glad to have another fitness / health enthusiast on board! We've resteemed your introduction, and will be following for more!

We try to find articles / blog-posts daily about running/cycling/climbing/hiking/fitness/health/nutrition -- all that good stuff -- to share on our custom homepage at EXHAUST. An interface to the STEEM blockchain where users share their workout activities in a friendly competition for some extra rewards.

The project is currently being restructured for the latest updates to the backend server we use -- so the website is in flux -- but we'll be making some announcements before long, we hopeTM.

Regardless -- welcome!


Following...I disagree that eating right is easy. Interested in your advise though


My good bless for you and your family


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