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@raserrano: Day 21:
0.0 km; 14 minutes, 0.367 SBD
Today my wife couldn't join me because Sofia has been crying and with colic that make her fall sleep very hard. I wished I had her by my side as the previous nights have been very good and some couple time that we have spend together, today on the other hand it had to be differe…

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@raserrano: Day 14: strengthening
0.0 km; 14 minutes, 0.507 SBD
Today I felt like my lower back has strengthen and the _normal_ pain has change and its not different, less pain. My legs and posture felt slightly bad and I was constantly auto correcting my posture, for some reason it happened this day. I felt that It was easier to keep up wit…

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@mstafford: Monday Yoga on my Dirty Mat
0.0 km; 60 minutes, 0.498 SBD
Monday lunchtime yoga w/ @otterside media and Timbo-slice from work. A nice practice today -- lots of time spent in various "Warrior" postures, building strength in the legs and core. Some balance effort today, and I def felt a bit wobbly. Though, I feel like the stretching …

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@mstafford: Stretching into April
0.0 km; 55 minutes, 8.739 SBD
Lunchtime yoga at the YMCA is rapidly turning into my favorite part about Mondays. Todays class was a bit more difficult, with some focus oncore strength in the first half. Lots of spinal twists this session too, which really woke my back up nicely after a weekend on a not so…

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@mstafford: It's Fun to Stretch at the YMCA
0.0 km; 60 minutes, 3.559 SBD
Solid lunchtime yoga sesh w/ @ottersidemedia and Timbo-slice. Nice recovery / maintenance day after a bike-ride and squash yesterday. I think I might be setting myself up nicely for climbing later this evening! Woop woop! Boulder-time comin' up!

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@mstafford: YMCA - Lunchtime Yoga
0.0 km; 60 minutes, 0.248 SBD
Lunchtime yoga session at the downtown Victoria YMCA. Free drop-in class if you have a membership, so I was skeptical about what the class would be like. Actually really enjoyed it -- wqs good to br in a group setting again instead of just following a video. I feel like you g…

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@mstafford: Hotel Yoga
0.0 km; 15 minutes, 14.758 SBD
Spending the next few mights in a hotel for a work related course. Trying to make the best of it, but it's always a bit difficult. It's a bit chillier over here in Edmonton, but it's a beautiful blue-sky day, which is a nicw change of pace. A short 15 minute stretch, working …

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@mstafford: Morning by my Simulated Fire
0.0 km; 20 minutes, 4.533 SBD
Short, self led practice this morning. I woke up feeling pretty tight in my spine, which isn't unusual for myself. Especially considering that the dogs believe it's okay to sleep on top of me because they're sneaky enough to not wake me up. Regardless of the cause of the tigh…

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@mstafford: 25 Minute Home Practice
0.0 km; 25 minutes, 4.509 SBD
Nice freestyle / self guided session at home. Feelin the flow with @caitycat and the #wolfpack! Slept rewlally hard last night after a long day -- which typically means my back is tigjt in the morning. Started this practice off with some gentle back twists and moving around t…

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@jkms: Monday Night Bikram
0.0 km; 90 minutes, 0.044 SBD
Kind of a weird night. Just me and the instructor, so he put on the CD version of the audio and we went through the postures together. This was definitely a very chill class.

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@mstafford: Snowwy Stretch by the Fire
0.0 km; 25 minutes, 13.622 SBD
Trying to start my week out strong. Wome up early and got on the yoga mat for a morning stretch. Self led practice -- mostly just trying to work out the various aches and tightness that I get from sleeping (I usually sleep very still, and wake up with a tight back). Got my sm…

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@mstafford: Self Guided Morning
0.0 km; 15 minutes, 6.818 SBD
Putting some effort into going to bed and waking up earlier than usual. I'm pretty bad for staying up late and then being tired all day. This was my first self led session since finishing up my 30day crash course. Felt pretty good, but it's difficult to stretch first thing in…

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@mstafford: My 30 Day Journey Has Concluded
0.0 km; 25 minutes, 9.59 SBD
Today concludes the final day of the 30 Day Yoga Journey (led by Adriene Michler of Yoga with Adriene on YouTube). I gotta say, I didn't make it all the way to the end the last time I participated -- and I wasn't sure what to expect. With that said, I really enjoyed that the …

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@mstafford: The Penultimate Stretch! - Session 29!
0.0 km; 23 minutes, 11.406 SBD
> Today we not only celebrate how far we have come but we celebrate the ongoing journey. Celebrate this opportunity to get closer to your unique self and to get closer to something bigger than yourself. And remember, you are not alone. You are uniting with so many, across the gl…

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@mstafford: Session 28 - "Dedicate"
0.0 km; 19 minutes, 7.106 SBD
This is the 2nd half of the back-to-back yoga practices I did yesterday. Hard to talk it up into something huge -- it was only an additional 20 minutes. I was joined by @caitycat and the pups for this session, as you can see in the image. It's not always sunshine and rainbows tr…

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@mstafford: Session 27 - Power
0.0 km; 31 minutes, 9.625 SBD
I took a night off of yoga, because I tweaked my neck and needed a day of rest. Feeling much better today. This practice was good, and wasn't necessarily about being physically powerful. More like listening to your body and understanding how to use whatever power you yourself…

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@mstafford: Pretzel Power
0.0 km; 21 minutes, 1.541 SBD
This should have happened yesterday -- but it didn't. So I did it today. Despite being a day late -- this was a good practice. I was pretty tuckered out yesterday after running, so I"m glad I got to take it easy afterwards. Not that this session was difficult -- though it had…

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@mstafford: Day (Session) 25 -- Alive
0.0 km; 13 minutes, 3.223 SBD
> A 14 minute session to gently wake up the body, check in with any areas that might be a little tight or sore and put you back in the driver’s seat. But, for real. Don’t be fooled by this short session. You know what? That's great. That's exactly what I needed. I just spent…

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@mstafford: Day 24 - (Lack of) Balance
0.0 km; 20 minutes, 5.8 SBD
This should have been Friday evenings yoga session -- but I ended up staying late at work and socializing with people, so I missed doing it then. I actually did this yesterday (Saturday) afternoon after going for a hike. I was wigglin' and wobblin' all over the place. It prob…

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@mstafford: Yoga Day 23 - Running / Squash Recovery
0.0 km; 20 minutes, 8.898 SBD
Day 23! One more week to go, and then I'm at the finish line. Exciting to think about -- but it has actually been pretty easy (save for a few unscheduled visits to the pub) to commit to a daily practice. I went running earlier today, and felt pretty strong the whole time -- and …

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@mstafford: Day 22! Steady, y'all!
0.0 km; 22 minutes, 7.234 SBD
Last nights Day 22 session of Yoga with Adriene. This session was a bit more intense, so I'm glad I warmed up with the Day 21 session beforehand. > Today’s 22 minute strength building yoga session brings our attention to the principle of Sthira, or stability. Can you move in …

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@mstafford: Day 21 -- A day late
0.0 km; 20 minutes, 7.646 SBD
Another day following along with Adriene! I skipped yesterday, because I was full on tunnel-mode working on some charts / graphs and stuff last night -- so it was nice to get back on the mat today. @caitycat joined me on this one as well, so it was nice to have a buddy! Gr…

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@mstafford: Day 20 of Yoga -- and my First Bitcoin Purchase (other than gambling)
0.0 km; 20 minutes, 6.587 SBD
Another nice session of yoga last night. It was a bit of a late start though -- I didn't get onto the mat until about 8:30PM -- after I was done making some tweaks to Caity's website. > A strong 20 minute Vinyasa yoga practice to help you lean away from mental chatter and to…

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@mstafford: My Yoga Journey -- Day 19 Includes French Fries
0.0 km; 20 minutes, 6.865 SBD
Really enjoyed todays session. I think I slept a little bit funny last night, and woke up with a bit of a twinge in my back. So it was certainly nice to have a shorter session, but also one where the intent is to check in with how you feel, and listen to the body: > You know …

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@mstafford: What's Up-dog? Not, much Dog, what's up with you?
0.0 km; 22 minutes, 13.819 SBD
Today is Day 18 on my decision to getting back into a regular home yoga practice. Todays session, led by Adriene of Yoga with Adriene was a nice way to start the day. The message / theme / mantra of the session was *Love*. Dawwww. > Welcome to your Day 18 Dedicate practice! A…