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New Running App: Exhaust || rantar running 4.0km -- an hour ago

After the actifit update failed to allow me to upload new information, I decided to try a new solution. Let's see how this goes....

Duration: 38 minutes! | Pace: 9:39 minute/km | 0.261 SBD

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Friday Easy 4Km || king-cobra running 4.08km -- 5 hours ago

Good evening guys, today's weather was hot and humid at 28 degree celsius. Did my easy 4km at the park. As usual had a cup of long black coffee before the run. GPS: Garmin Forerunner 235 Shoes: Asics Cumulus 17 Gadget: Sony Waterproof MP3 Player...

Duration: 32 minutes! | Pace: 07:51 minute/km | 0.346 SBD

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5km Lunch Run || running 5.063km -- 17 hours ago

The above image is from my very first trail run I did back home in Melbourne, probably about 5 years ago. I actually didn't think I wound do another trail run again as I completely messed up my back after this run. It was only about 15km but was in a lot of pain for months afterwards. That has no...

Duration: 24 minutes! | Pace: 4:53 minute/km | 0.315 SBD

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Start Of Journey || ervin-lemark running 3.474km -- 20 hours ago

An idea of a plan is forming in my head. A profile of a journey is taking shape, partially on the paper too. And, as every journey starts with a first step, this one started tonight. With a short run around the block and some uphill section to add to it. Uphill sections are very important in ...

Duration: 19 minutes! | Pace: 5:32 minute/km | 0.314 SBD

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🏃 My Running Log | 14/02 || harryp3 running 10.257km -- a day ago

It was incredible just how warm it was today - about 13°C and it definitely felt like more in the full sun; quite remarkable considering it's only February. It also meant for a sweaty run, it wasn't particularly difficult but I must have exerted quite a lot of energy just maintaining body temperatur...

Duration: 50 minutes! | Pace: 4:52 minute/km | 0.296 SBD

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Thursday 8km Reverse Run || king-cobra running 8.257km -- a day ago

Good evening guys, after 1 month of cardio conditioning by doing HIIT training, my performance had shown encouraging result. I increase my mileage week by week to achieve my targeted pace. Did my easy 8km reverse run at the park. I started my training today before 7pm and I saw many people were runn...

Duration: 64 minutes! | Pace: 07:47 minute/km | 0.397 SBD

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ate Afternoon Run Into Magpie's Valley And Back || ervin-lemark running 6.615km -- a day ago

This afternoon I was toying with an idea to run a 10K run again. For the fourth time in as many days. It was perfectly doable. Then I decided that a shorter run down the Magpie's Valley will suffice. Why? For two reasons. I wanted to run off the asphalt roads and Magpie's Valley is the obvious c...

Duration: 37 minutes! | Pace: 5:38 minute/km | 0.364 SBD

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Steemin' || aussieninja running 3.8km -- a day ago

I can't tell you how happy I am about this time! After a week of ~~hatin'~~ treadmillin' it, and then Monday's run being so uncomfortable and crappy... I'm so excited that I was able to turn it around in 2 days. It really helps regain a little trust into the conditioning process. If I hadn't do...

Duration: 25 minutes! | Pace: 6:36 minute/km | 1.050 SBD

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Cheating On My Long Run || running 14.745km -- 2 days ago

I know I shouldn't be annoyed that Strava doesn't log my full run, but I am clearly a lot more precious of my Strava runs that I think I am. It seems that every second week my long run for the week has the last 1.5km of the run deducted. Strava just doesn't like it, maybe they don't like the satelli...

Duration: 84 minutes! | Pace: 5:42 minute/km | 0.382 SBD

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Nice Ice. || aussieninja running 3.8km -- 3 days ago

Hello hello! So we're back home, but have no kitchen and at times no water... but our spirits are high! I was so glad to get out of a run that I didn't even care that it was raining... on top of the snow... which was often compacted snow by car tires, which made for some nice ice to run on. T...

Duration: 28 minutes! | Pace: 7:28 minute/km | 1.039 SBD

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🏃 My Running Log | 11/02 || harryp3 running 11.918km -- 4 days ago

Today a Fartlek run was on the agenda. I decided to do about 12km, and run at tempo on certain segments and try and work on recovery after intense periods - simulating what I would feel after running up hills during my half-marathons and marathons. I ran threshold for 4km, the 5th kilometre at 3:59m...

Duration: 57 minutes! | Pace: 4:49 minute/km | 0.241 SBD

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Monday 8Km Reverse Run || king-cobra running 8.158km -- 4 days ago

Good evening guys, its about time to increase my mileage as a preparation for my upcoming race on April. Did my easy 8km reverse run at the park. I started quite late at 7.15pm with only few people a the park. GPS: Garmin Forerunner 235 Shoes: Asics Cumulus 17 Gadget: Sony Waterproof MP3 Pl...

Duration: 64 minutes! | Pace: 7:53 minute/km | 0.370 SBD

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Sunday Easy 5Km Run || king-cobra running 5.17km -- 5 days ago

Hi guys, today was a good day so I ran an easy 5km in the early evening at the park. The weather was at 28 degree celsius and it was hot and humid. As usual had a cup of long black coffee before the run. GPS: Garmin Forerunner 235 Shoes: Asics Cumulus 17 Gadget: Sony Waterproof MP3 Player...

Duration: 40 minutes! | Pace: 07:50 minute/km | 0.404 SBD

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Sunday Run Off The Bike and Our Kitten || running 7.276km -- 5 days ago

<h2>Just a Random Cat Picture For Your Amusement</h2> Meet Rusty. We've had him since just before Christmas and he has been a part of our family since then. The reason why I included him in my running post today is because he also like to run. Even though he is an indoor cat, he does his best to ...

Duration: 43 minutes! | Pace: 5:55 minute/km | 0.294 SBD

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Last day of #hotellyfe || aussieninja running 3.8km -- 6 days ago

So the dudes have taken away the big crazy fans from our kitchen... all the floorboards are dry (except for the one that couldn't get dry, which they've removed)... so we can move back in. Now we'll need to find builders to rebuild our kitchen, as you can see from the photo below, the had to ta...

Duration: 21 minutes! | Pace: 5:33 minute/km | 1.366 SBD

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Friday 4KM Run || king-cobra running 4.107km -- 7 days ago

Good evening guys, today's weather was hot and humid at 27 degree celsius. Did my easy 4km at the park. The park was dark today as there were no tai-chi group exercising at the free space area, so the spot lights were switched off. As usual had a cup of long black coffee before the run. GPS: Gar...

Duration: 32 minutes! | Pace: 07:49 minute/km | 0.211 SBD

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Lunch Run At Work || running 6.095km -- 7 days ago

Its been a tough week. Public holiday on the Wednesday and its been a struggle with the mess in my routine. Just kidding, its been pretty nice have the week broken up and with the weather cooling down a little, it has made it a little easier to get out an train. I was still feeling the effects of...

Duration: 30 minutes! | Pace: 4:58 minute/km | 0.222 SBD

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Pre-cultural Run || ervin-lemark running 4.207km -- 7 days ago

Since 87th of February is a national holiday in Slovenia, the Day of Culture, I dubbed this run a pre-cultural one. Can you guess how will I name tomorrow's run? It was business as usual. Swift, cold, flat., nice. It was also an evening of preparation for a prolonged weekend. Holiday is a day ...

Duration: 23 minutes! | Pace: 5:28 minute/km | 0.594 SBD

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Fight for Your Rights to Wear Tights || mstafford running 5.087km -- 7 days ago

Nice lunchtime run w/ @ottersidemedia. Another chilly day here in Victoria. This was a conversational pace and a chatty ~30 minute run -- very enjoyable. Figured we should get out for a run since the forecast is calling for 18~23cm of snow between tonight and Tuesday. ## What a bunch of bullshit....

Duration: 32 minutes! | Pace: 06:22 minute/km | 4.307 SBD