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Monday Easy 6Km Run || king-cobra running 6.222km -- 13 hours ago

Hi guys, today's weather was very warm at 29 degree Celsius so I ran 6km at easy pace at the park near my place. As you can see, there was a tai chi session at my background. As usual 1 cup of long black coffee accompanied by a 1 piece of dark chocolate....

Duration: 46 minutes! | Pace: 07:24 minute/km | 0.619 SBD

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Smell the fox! || lloyddavis running 6.165km -- 16 hours ago

It was already warm when I left the house at 7.30am - almost enough to tempt me into the river for a quick swim... almost. There was or had been a fox nearby, the scent was strong for the first few hundred yards. Then as I turned the corner I saw a jay land in a tree in front of me and sit looking...

Duration: 41 minutes! | Pace: 6:39 minute/km | 7.733 SBD

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Sunday run: Go long(er) || steevc running 13.008km -- a day ago

Summer may have finally arrived in the UK. After a wet week it's been pretty good this weekend. I was playing some music with friends at a village event yesterday. That went well, but a bit of wind made things interesting. A lot of our songs were about sunshine (e.g. Sunny Side of the Street, Bring ...

Duration: 76 minutes! | Pace: 05:51 minute/km | 4.545 SBD

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Back to Guildford Parkrun in the sun || lloyddavis running 5.114km -- 2 days ago

It was warm out today! Suddenly (the day after solstice) it's summer. And although I probably got a best time for this course (it's undulating unlike my usual riverside runs on the flat) I didn't manage to get past the ten year old who was running his 100th parkrun or his six year old brother who...

Duration: 33 minutes! | Pace: 6:33 minute/km | 9.072 SBD

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🏃 My Running Log | Andover Parkrun | 22/06 || harryp3 running 5.069km -- 2 days ago

The leg injury that has stopped me from any serious running for the past 6 weeks seems to have finally subsided, and today's Parkrun was the first real pain-free run I've had since the Southampton Marathon. For 3.5km I barely felt anything in my leg, and it was just the final 1.5km where there was a...

Duration: 22 minutes! | Pace: 4:24 minute/km | 0.533 SBD

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Soggy Lunch Run || running 7.736km -- 3 days ago

Let me start by saying, if you use Strava, there is a Steem Runners Club available, [so feel free to join]( I guess I am trying to show off, because at the time of writing, I was at the top of the table for the week...But not sure if that will last. To...

Duration: 36 minutes! | Pace: 4:46 minute/km | 0.860 SBD

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Good to be alive || lloyddavis running 5.989km -- 4 days ago

But a bit slippery on the riverbank this morning. Lots of puddles from the recent rain, but bright sunshine that seems to be drying them up again! I'm aware that I've slipped into not posting very much other than my runs. Sorry folks, just lots going on elsewhere, but all helped by the sanity tha...

Duration: 39 minutes! | Pace: 6:32 minute/km | 8.660 SBD

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Windy Wednesday -- Starting to Train || mstafford running 5.759km -- 5 days ago

Afternoon run / meeting w/ @ottersidemedia. Super windy out there today -- ocean had some energy today, and I feel like I got to borrow some of it. Feeling good....

Duration: 35 minutes! | Pace: 06:05 minute/km | 6.137 SBD

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Frane Erman Memorial Run || ervin-lemark running 9.034km -- 5 days ago

This year's Frane Erman memorial run was held in the proper June conditions. It was hot, rainy and muddy. You can read the short story about the run itself in the @actifit r[eport here.](/actifit/@ervin-lemark/actifit-ervin-lemark-20190619t214024739z) The gist - nine kilometers of hilly and mudd...

Duration: 57 minutes! | Pace: 6:18 minute/km | 0.380 SBD

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Lunchtime Run: Short and sweet || steevc running 4.534km -- 5 days ago

It rained heavily yesterday and so I was hoping to be lucky to miss it on my run. It turned out okay. I was a bit busy at work, so decided to try a slightly shorter run. I also felt like I needed to get a good time, so I went out fairly quick. You can see from the splits that I slowed a bit as I wen...

Duration: 28 minutes! | Pace: 06:12 minute/km | 2.391 SBD

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Come on, legs || mstafford running 2.738km -- 5 days ago

First evening of any running in what feels like a really long time. Very generous of @caitycat to get out with me. Time to get back into it though -- gotta run two half marathons in October. Running and working on @exhaust -- Here I come....

Duration: 21 minutes! | Pace: 07:54 minute/km | 5.957 SBD

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Sunny Day Progression Run || running 9.918km -- 5 days ago

For over six months now, I have been doing my midweek long run on Wednesday mornings as part of my morning commute to work. With winter in full swing and my marathon fast approaching, I thought I would mix things up today and have a sleep in. I think this will be the way to go for at least the ne...

Duration: 49 minutes! | Pace: 5:02 minute/km | 1.021 SBD

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The calves.... so broken || aussieninja running 4.23km -- 6 days ago

So, I did this run yesterday, but life has been so hectic that I'm only getting to post it now, 24 hours later... and my calves are still brutally sore from it. The reason their sore, I think, is also due to the hecticness... my Dad and his two near-teenagers arrive later today, and so the rush to g...

Duration: 24 minutes! | Pace: 5:45 minute/km | 1.282 SBD

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Morning After || lloyddavis running 5.824km -- 6 days ago

Yesterday I was in full unconference mode. I helped run a day about public procurement - yeah, try that on for size. The people were really nice and interesting in a way that you might not immediately expect from the subject matter. We had a great venue and great food. And someone (not me) did a...

Duration: 37 minutes! | Pace: 6:29 minute/km | 8.685 SBD

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Monday Rainy 8Km Run || king-cobra running 8.459km -- 7 days ago

Hi guys, today's weather was perfect 28 degree celsius after a raining session. I managed to bumped into my runner friend who just register to Steemit @defresco. His account is pending for approval and I will surely introduce him to @exhaust and @runningproject. As usual, 1 cup of long black coffee ...

Duration: 62 minutes! | Pace: 7:20 minute/km | 0.304 SBD

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A run on the Lakeshore... watch out for the Raptor || jasonbu running 10.896km -- 7 days ago

Just before the Raptors headed to a championship win I went for a run on the water front. Started out at Fort York Armory and went down the lakeshore. Great lakeside trails here in Toronto. Next 10k will be out around home. This is my first of many Xhaust posts. Great idea for supporting the...

Duration: 73 minutes! | Pace: 06:47 minute/km | 0.365 SBD

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Sunday Easy 8km || king-cobra running 8.119km -- 8 days ago

Hi guys, today's weather was very warm at 29 degree Celsius so I ran 8km at easy pace at the park near my place. As usual 1 cup of long black coffee accompanied by a 1 piece of dark chocolate....

Duration: 61 minutes! | Pace: 7:37 minute/km | 0.412 SBD

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Sunday Healing Long Run || running 11.049km -- 8 days ago

<h3>Please note, I am not a doctor, or do I advise people to run when they are sick or injured</h3> Is there a healing power that can only be found in a really long run. I'm not talking about stress release here either. Yesterday I bailed on my usual Saturday arvo speed work as I was feeling u...

Duration: 66 minutes! | Pace: 5:58 minute/km | 0.652 SBD

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Podbrdo Trail Marathon || ervin-lemark running 38.463km -- 8 days ago

Saturday, June 15th 2019, Podbrdo, Slovenia, 6 am. I am on the start of the 100K run at the Podbrdo Trail Running Festival, the most coveted trail running event in Slovenia. The event that twice already hosted the World Championships in marathon trail running. My goal is simple: - to be the bro...

Duration: 551 minutes! | Pace: 14:19 minute/km | 0.256 SBD

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Sunday Run: It's raining again || steevc running 10.514km -- 8 days ago

I wanted to post this earlier, but the @exhaust [site]( was down. I was not up very early as I have been out a lot recently and then the cat was meowing for attention before I wanted to wake up. When I set off this morning it did not look too bad, but it rained on and off as I went...

Duration: 61 minutes! | Pace: 05:50 minute/km | 0.966 SBD