ervin-lemark - Triplets Run 2019

May 11 || 12.093 km || 1:15:13 || 6:13 min/km || BEST SPLIT KM || FASTEST PACE || 0m Climbed

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@ervin-lemark's Activity Notes:

Beautiful day in a great company, coupled, actually tripled with running in the city center and its surrounding forests. What could you ask more?

You can see on the cover image how quiet was the start area below the Ljubljana castle good half an hour before the start.

Then, suddenly the streets were packed with runners. They were everywhere.

This was a traditional Triplets run held in honour of the city of Ljubljana. A city with the status of a war hero. During the second world war, the whole city was enclosed with the barb wire fence. Now, each year on a Saturday in May which is closest to May the 9th, the day the partisan army liberated the city, this event is held. A living circle around the city where once barb wire was.

132 triplets on the 29 kilometers course and 928 triplets on 12.5 kilometers finished this celebration of running and liberty.

3180 runners in total. Magnificent feeling and huge positive energy.

Running in triplets means that all three members of the team should run and must finish together. It is also a show of camaraderie and support between each other.

Enough of small talk. It was a great day indeed.

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