- Running to Work Again

May 08 || 16.317 km || 1:27:7 || 5:20 min/km || BEST SPLIT KM || FASTEST PACE || 0m Climbed

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After a week in Sydney, its time to get back into a routine and Wednesday is usually my toughest run of the week.

It's a good point of reference though as to how I am tracking during the week and if I have sufficiently recovered from the week before. It's something I take really seriously as I do like my training. But I have been known to push things a little too far sometimes. Yeah, I know that most people usually don't do the amount of training I do so, it can be easy to loose track of things and end up injured or sick.

Even though the days are getting colder, it was still pretty calm out and it was nice weather to run. I did do my second fasted run over the course and with a full back pack I was pretty pleased with that.

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