aussieninja - Last run at home for a couple of weeks.

Apr 08 || 3.8 km || 0:27:32 || 7:15 min/km ||

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Got my last run in... and it really wasn't my best. My calves/Achilles and lungs weren't firing on all cylinders and I'm honestly not sure why. I didn't run over the weekend, but I did a fairly intensive leg workout on Saturday... but even so I should have been recovered enough. I stretched last night.. I didn't eat carbs this morning... but it just wasn't really working for me... and so my time was 2 minutes slower than I would have liked.

I'm not stressed about it though, things don't always work out the way you'd like, and it was probably naive of me to think that every single run from here on in was going to be an improvement on the last. Unfortunately I'm not going to be able to do this run again for a couple of weeks. This has always mucked me up in the past... I've often either not run at all whilst away, or run on a treadmill... so over the next two weeks I'm hoping to get some road running in. I think for conditioning that's really the only option for me.

I am super curious to see how I'll go in other cities. My usual run is short, but really hilly, so I'm hoping I find flatter runs super super easy. I bet I won't... but I hope I do.

Exciting times ahead!!


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Looks like you went a bit slower this time! Remember that it's important to take some rest days, and do some rehab / prehab / strength and conditioning training too!

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Ahhh they can't all be beauts -- otherwise, you'd be The Flash by now.

Treadmills are bogus -- but a necessary bogus-ness at times.

You out of town for the Austin Block Creators Conference? That should be a good time. I've heard Austin is wicked fun.

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You probably will. When growing up on Christmas Island I used to walk up and down stupidly steep hills all the time so when I was walking around Perth it was pfft nothing (because Perth is flat XD). When we went back over Christmas my partner decided we were going to go walking up and down the hills because fitness and it was murderous XD But now walking around here is once again nothing as opposed to a walk. So you may find yourself running wondering why you're not getting tired and realising you're on the other side of the city XD

You may have plateaud a little bit too. But stuff fluctuates, mind the trends and all :)

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Looks like a gorgeous morning for a jog in that fog, despite the outcome.

I took a two week break from jogging because of time constrants. My lungs aged a good five years in that time, lol. I've got to get myself back in order.

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