harryp3 - 🏃 My Running Log | 11/02

Feb 11 || 11.918 km || 0:57:34 || 4:49 min/km || BEST SPLIT KM || FASTEST PACE || 0m Climbed

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@harryp3's Activity Notes:

Today a Fartlek run was on the agenda. I decided to do about 12km, and run at tempo on certain segments and try and work on recovery after intense periods - simulating what I would feel after running up hills during my half-marathons and marathons. I ran threshold for 4km, the 5th kilometre at 3:59m/km, the 6th kilometre at 4:44m/km and then I started to struggle with feeling a little sick, and had to have a good 3 or 4 minute break before I didn't feel like vomiting. After that it was a little struggle to involve any real tempo efforts, so I mostly stuck to threshold until the final 2kms where I pushed on a little faster but not going too hard. I think I just didn't let my lunch go down and it started to come back up on my run; I definitely prefer running in the morning!

I'm not sure what the rest of the week has planned, I'll probably involve some active recovery (~ 5:30m/km) and give myself a few days rest until Parkrun on the weekend. And then start up intense training the week after.


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