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@mstafford: Hot Hot Hangover
4.43 km; 28 minutes, 0.577 SBD
Was out last night at the weekly lawn-bowling fundraiser event -- and I *may* have had a bit to drink... Woke up in the living room this morning and I was very dehydrated. Thankfully, @lbern wanted to get out for a run today, so we took a nice slow jog through the west side o…

Generic placeholder image Lunch Time Run to The Beach
8.759 km; 43 minutes, 0.613 SBD
As you can see there are no real shortage of hills in the Auckland suburbs. Today I started what I hope will be a weekly training run over the next few months. From work, out to the beach and then back again. Today I dipped my finger into the water when I got to the beach…

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@amico: Semi-barefoot running with friends at dawn... Simply Wonderful! 😍
10.067 km; 76 minutes, 0.227 SBD
Hello, dear exhauster and friends! ### Semi-barefoot running with friends at dawn... Simply Wonderful! 😍 Together with 4 friends (one missing) we meet at 6 o'clock for a light running in the nature. In addition to the joy of running, we have pleasantly chatted. …

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@steevc: Lunchtime Run: Cross country
7.192 km; 43 minutes, 0.97 SBD
It was a warm one today. I headed for the countryside this time as it is pretty dry, I need some break from hard pavements. Taking the footpath beside the traveller camp was a mistake as it is very overgrown. I was having to work around a lot of brambles and nettles which messed…

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@king-cobra: Wednesday 2Km Run
2.003 km; 14 minutes, 0.388 SBD
Hi guys, today I went to see a chiropractor due to some minor lower back sprain, so I just I ran 2km at easy pace at the park near my place. The weather was very warm at 30 degree Celsius and as usual, 1 cup of long black coffee accompanied by a 1 piece of dark chocolate.

Generic placeholder image Wednesday Time Trial Run
7.618 km; 35 minutes, 0.601 SBD
Yeah, I'm still kinda celebrating after my marathon a couple of weeks ago. Today was a real test to see if I have recovered since my "A" race less than two weeks ago. My focus will be on shorter races and runs over the next few months so I am starting a run time trial every w…

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@amico: Running and walking barefoot in the rain ☔ by the sea 🌊
5.681 km; 53 minutes, 0.815 SBD
Hello, dear exhauster and friends! ### Running and walking barefoot in the rain ☔ by the sea 🌊 What a wonderful experience! 😍 Today it seemed a typical autumn day. At 6 pm I came out in rain mode, no cellphone 📱 to avoid throwing it away from the flood. I enjoy…

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@mstafford: Hot Tuesday Trot
4.87 km; 30 minutes, 6.889 SBD
Solid lunchhour run with @lbern and Matt! Really felt good with the sun shining and a nice ocean breeze! Started maybe a little bit too fast for how hot it was, and how I've been generally hungover for about 3 weeks. Oh well. No matter. Feeling great now.

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@mimismartypants: 2nd Run Testing Exhaust
5.019 km; 42 minutes, 0.141 SBD
Just finished my second run testing the exhaust app. Posting from desktop and here is my feedback for the @exhaust team: - tried logging in with keychain got a 500 error - this is the second time typing up this feedback as I saved after editing and got a 500 error? Unsta…

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@king-cobra: Tuesday Easy 4Km
4.063 km; 29 minutes, 0.448 SBD
Hi guys, today's weather was very warm at 29 degree Celsius so I ran 4km at easy pace at the park near my place. As usual 1 cup of long black coffee accompanied by a 1 piece of dark chocolate.

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@rollie1212: Easy 35 min run
5.22 km; 35 minutes, 0.182 SBD

Generic placeholder image Back Running Again On A Rainy Day
7.109 km; 36 minutes, 0.432 SBD
Its been a few days since I've posted a run, and leave you alone for 5 minutes and everything has changed over here...just kidding. Some great new interfaces and changes in the XHST ecosystem and application. Its been a week since my marathon and I have been dying to get out …

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@mimismartypants: Training Run
5.424 km; 53 minutes, 0.115 SBD

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@king-cobra: Sunday Easy 2km
2.03 km; 14 minutes, 0.138 SBD
Hi guys, today's weather was warm at 28 degree celsius even at around 6.30pm, so I just ran an easy 2km and call it a day.

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@steevc: Sunday run: After the rain
10.355 km; 60 minutes, 1.667 SBD
We have not had significant rain for a few weeks, but when I woke up this morning I could hear it coming down. That did not bode well for running, but it was still early and I was out late last night. By the time I actually got up it had stopped. My legs are feeling a bit draine…

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@steevc: parkrun: Not quite a PB
5.207 km; 26 minutes, 2.066 SBD
It was back to my local parkrun in [Letchworth]( today. That is a convenient 20 cycle ride away, but it is uphill most of the way there. I was up early for the cat again and caught up on Steem over breakfast before I l…

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@jasonbu: 5km Run with a new record pace
5.002 km; 33 minutes, 0.26 SBD
Took some time to go for a 5K run last night. The weather cooled off to more seasonable temperatures. Set a KM pace record and an overall pace average. It was a good run. Felt great afterwards too. Track my runs on several devices for the fun of it. As always stay fit a…

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@lloyddavis: Ouch! If it hurts, stop!
3.019 km; 20 minutes, 6.053 SBD

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@jasonbu: Training Run
3.014 km; 19 minutes, 0.303 SBD
Went for a quick sunset run and banged out 3K. Not my fastest time nor my longest but after the past few days I've had it was needed. Stay fit and active.

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@steevc: Lunchtime Run: Personal best
0.0 km; 0 minutes, 1.43 SBD
I did my new intervals run again of 1km 'sprints' with 3 minutes between over the same route as last week. I was not feeling particularly quick, but the Endomondo app reckons I did beat one of my own records. This is the 12 minute distance, which is known as the [Cooper test](ht…

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@king-cobra: Training Run
3.061 km; 22 minutes, 0.224 SBD
Hi guys, this is the first time I log on to he new improved @exhaust website. The interface looks really cool. Thanks @mstafford buddy. My training today was a 3km recovery run at the park near my house. Weather was warm at 29 degree celcius.

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@rollie1212: Training Run
7.939 km; 55 minutes, 0.128 SBD
Nice and smooth run 155 BPM max

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@mstafford: Talkin' 'bout Life and Work
5.385 km; 34 minutes, 5.103 SBD
Lunchtime talkative run with @ottersidemedia. Felt good to get out again, though, it was bigtime warm. Hoping this post goes through cleanly on the new website!!

Generic placeholder image Gold Coast Marathon
42.58 km; 198 minutes, 0.75 SBD
I heard a lot of cool things about the Gold Coast Marathon and all of them are true. Fast flat course. A massive runners expo at registration. Although the weather was not 100% it was still great for July in Oz. The fans and spectators really support you out on the course as wel…

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@rollie1212: 1 hour run
8.452 km; 60 minutes, 0.149 SBD
Was hot, but still it feels good to be back on track!