ervin-lemark - Friday Night Run

Apr 05 || 3.64 km || 0:21:42 || 5:57 min/km || BEST SPLIT KM || FASTEST PACE || 0m Climbed

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@ervin-lemark's Activity Notes:

It was a long rainy day without much opportunity for movement. Late nigh short run around the block concluded it. Now it's time to go to sleep. Tomorrow we will be up early. Snow awaits.

The apples? They are good, very tasty.

Congratulations! You were brave enough to reach the bottom of this post. Bravo and respect.

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Better and better


You have uploaded 76 running activities, and 14 of them have been of similar distances (within 10 percent)! Here are your 5-fastest running activities of a similar distance:

  • Short day pace run to sauna - 3.864km @ 5:06 min/km pace.
  • Foggy, Cold and Short Night Run - 3.467km @ 5:19 min/km pace.
  • Short Night Run In Wind - 3.472km @ 5:20 min/km pace.
  • Tuesday Late Night Run - 3.481km @ 5:30 min/km pace.
  • Start Of Journey - 3.474km @ 5:32 min/km pace.

Over these 14 similar activities, you have travelled approximately 50.55 kms at an average pace of roughly 5:47 min/km!

Looks like you went a bit slower this time! Remember that it's important to take some rest days, and do some rehab / prehab / strength and conditioning training too!

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I love apples, as I love almost all fruits, you know?

Well done, Ervin!

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