mstafford - 5k - Running like a Pig

Feb 05 || 4.979 km || 0:30:24 || 06:06 min/km || BEST SPLIT KM || FASTEST PACE || 211.0m Climbed

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@mstafford's Activity Notes:

Thursday run in the chilly outdoors. Running with Laura. Felt pretty good about this one!


The cold air was actually pretty nice -- but I'm glad I wasn't breathing too hard -- would have been hard on the lungs. Legs felt really good the whole time. Excited to start getting some decent mileage under my belt soon here! Aiming for 30km/week moving forward.

Thinking something like:

Tuesday-5k; Wednesday-7k; Thursday-REST; Friday-8k; Saturday-REST; Sunday-10k

That ought to get me there, and is spaced out well enough that I shouldn't burn out....Lets see how it goes.

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You gotta run a bit faster than that! Im sure you can easily push that to below 25minutes!

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Been a while since I've gotten down to a 5min/km pace, but... challenge accepted!

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To add to the criticism... this distance is upsetting.

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Well I DID do it with the explicit intention of upsetting you -- so... everything is in its place, I suppose.

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Good work! Anyone who commits to running 30km a week deserves a lot of credit. Keep it up!

On a completely unrelated note;

Do you have any idea why I'm seeing this error when I try to share my latest Exhaust upload to Steem?

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Hahaha thanks. We'll see if I actually manage to get to 30km/week and maintain it.

Regarding the error:

That looks like a SteemConnect issue... For some reason, the tokens haven't been refreshing correctly recently.

Logging out / Logging it should fix that.

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Damn.. Wrong account... Oh well.

For what it's worth -- If you prefer SteemKeychain, I've been meaning to implement it as another method of logging in / interacting with Steem.. Have been waiting for Firefox support, but I'll probably get on it within the next week or two here.

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