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Nov 25 || 10.9 km || 1:0:53 || 5:35 min/km ||

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Trying this Dapp out for the first time!

Ran out to Roncesvalles village today, taking advantage of the warmer weather (8 deg C!). I love that area and it made the run uphill towards Bloor street very enjoyable. I love looking at all the little shops and restaurants along that strip and it reminded me that I'd like to explore that area more.

On my way back down Shaw, I passed a school that had some artwork done by the kids displayed outside. I loved this one of the "broken heart" described with math! That's a brilliant way to be teaching it, in my opinion.

Stay tuned ;)

Jackie O


Hmmm.. Something seems to have not gone super correct with the image uploads....

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Hmm..yes...was supposed to be three different pictures. Any idea what could have gone wrong? The image that it's displayed 3 times was a screen shot. The other two were pictures I took with my phone camera.

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Math & history have shaped my world. Amazing to hear they are using the arts to Express & teach mathematics. +-×÷🤩💓

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