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@davidesimoncini: Small Hiking Afternoon
5.0 km; 110 minutes, 0.068 SBD
## <center>Small Hiking Afternoon from Massa-Carrara (Tuscany, Italy), *Pasquilio* Locality</center>

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@davidesimoncini: Pasquilio Hiking
8.357 km; 84 minutes, 0.105 SBD
## <center>Afternoon Hiking, From Massa-Carrara (Tuscany, Italy)</center> ### <center>Pasquilio Locality, near my city</center>

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@ervin-lemark: Geocaching on Buck's Trail
6.484 km; 356 minutes, 0.851 SBD
There is a hill near the city of Logatec in Slovenia called Buck. Yes, it really has a name like this. And there is a geocaching trail starting by the ruins of the Roman fort and going all the way to the top of the 919 meters high hill. It is a great trail, especially for …

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@davidesimoncini: Walking on Mountain Path
4.453 km; 80 minutes, 0.099 SBD
## <center>Afternoon Walking on a Mountain Path, from the province of Massa-Carrara (Tuscany, Italy)</center>

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@sambillingham: Hiking left at Unstad, Lofoten
7.881 km; 229 minutes, 0.713 SBD
Quick hike with my friend Oscar. You can see the ridge from the Arctic co-working Lodge and I've wanted to give this route a crack since I showed up here last year. Took the alternate route on the way back. One part is pretty sketchy and probably not a great idea. Fun though. Lo…

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@ervin-lemark: Geocaching In Skinners
3.44 km; 183 minutes, 0.423 SBD
We took it easy today after yesterday's long-distance adventure. During the midday's heat, we went for a family geocaching trip near Škofja Loka, Slovenia. It was time to pick up the caches on the Sv. Lovrenc trail. Altogether there were seven caches including the bonus one…

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@javirid: Paseo para rebajar la comida
2.927 km; 50 minutes, 0.108 SBD
Hoy tuvimos una comida familiar. Nos reunimos todos por estas fechas, aunque no debido a las mismas. Comimos cordero, butifarra, morcilla -de cebolla, of course- y empanadillas y croquetas de bacalao caseras. Luego nos reimos un rato recordando las locuras de la niñez. Al rat…

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@ervin-lemark: Puma And Max On Morning Walk
1.674 km; 28 minutes, 0.562 SBD
Saturday morning, the start of a long weekend. I liket he Easter Monday. It is always on Monday which means a day off work which means three days long weekend. Yes! We started it early, with a 6am morning walk with these two pals. Puma and Max, it is so difficult to get you t…

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@nomadamon: Stein Valley Hike
14.3 km; 275 minutes, 0.084 SBD
From day 1 of my backpacking trip in the Stein Valley, BC. You can read more about it in my post here.

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@ervin-lemark: Afternoon Walk With Puma On Savski prod
2.516 km; 42 minutes, 0.992 SBD
Savski prod is the flat area between river Sava and the commercial zone in Črnuče. Once this was the area where the river was able to flood the excess water mass when needed. Now, with river bank and water flow regulation and everything, this area is turning into a recreational …

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@dejan.vuckovic: Short Hike
3.469 km; 44 minutes, 0.164 SBD
A short hike with my daughter. Slow pace since I gained some weight :)))

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@ervin-lemark: Sunday Early Morning Doggy Walk, One Hour Too Earl
1.745 km; 33 minutes, 0.426 SBD
Truth be told, it's way too early to walk the dogs before 6am on Sunday morning. This DST nonsense and moving the clock forth and losing one hour of precious sleep, couples with a family schedule for today. We woke up at 5:30 real time, waaaaay too soon. Even the birds in …

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@ervin-lemark: Saturday Midday Doggy Walk
2.258 km; 35 minutes, 0.408 SBD
This weekend I intend to ***flood the @exhaust*** with running and walking reports. Let's call it a *stress test*. The second report today is also the second doggy walk. After I returned home from the run I took Puma and Max for a semi-long walk in the woods. They were so ha…

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@ervin-lemark: Saturday Morning Doggy Walk
1.702 km; 27 minutes, 0.43 SBD
Local forest, before 7 am. It's a beautiful sunny Saturday morning. Puma and Max are enjoying their quality time in the woods. They will have a quiet and cozy Saturday while their family will be fully in action. More or less dynamic. Some on snow, skiing and snowboarding, whi…

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@ervin-lemark: Midday Doggy Walk
2.403 km; 39 minutes, 0.846 SBD
In between work walk with Puma and Max in a local forest. It was quite cold compared to the temperatures the week before. Nevertheless, it was fun to walk at a brisk pace. There is no sign of movement in a frog spawn yet. Although I think I can hear some popping sounds …

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@ervin-lemark: From Rogla To Lovrenc Lakes With Puma
4.43 km; 60 minutes, 0.575 SBD
Beautiful late winter Sunday morning. Puma invited me on a walk from Rogla to the Lovrenc Lakes (Lovrenška jezera). The trail that we took was covered with snow most of the time. It was so refreshing to walk in the spring temperatures in the shade of the tall spruces and on t…

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@aussieninja: Cascade Head Lower Viewpoint
10.0 km; 90 minutes, 1.201 SBD
I totally forgot [Exhaust]( had a hiking function! Yesterday the sun was shining AND it was a Sunday, so we did the most Portland thing possible and go on a hike, followed by a visit to the [Tillamook Creamery](…

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@mackmck: 25 mins Elliptical/X3 w17 w/o 1-2
0.099 km; 23 minutes, 0.087 SBD
Raining outside. My X3 bar arrived this morning in time for my workout. I was able to do my workout and follow that with 25 minutes on my Spirit xe295 elliptical machine. Since I I Today’s X3 workout using Dr John Jaquish’s week 17 workout 1 and 2. Comparing the Gorilla Bow…

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@mackmck: 24 mins Elliptical/Gorilla Bow w16 w/o1c
0.111 km; 24 minutes, 0.098 SBD
It’s snowing again! This is unprecedented for the Pacific Northwest. I was able to do my Gorilla Bow workout and follow that with 24 minutes on my Spirit xe295 elliptical machine. Since I I Today’s Gorilla Bow workout using Dr John Jaquish’s week 16 workout 1c. Two advanced…

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@mackmck: Elliptical 33 mins/Gorilla Bow w16 w/o2b
0.163 km; 33 minutes, 0.096 SBD
More snow on the ground! This is unprecedented for the Pacfici Northwest. I was able to do my Gorilla Bow workout and follow that with 33 minutes on my Spirit xe295 elliptical machine. Since I I Today’s Gorilla Bow workout using Dr John Jaquish’s week 16 workout 2b. I am no…

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@mackmck: 44 mins Elliptical/Gorilla Bow w16 w/o 1b
0.131 km; 39 minutes, 0.103 SBD
I was able to do my Gorilla Bow workout and follow that with 40 minutes on my Spirit xe295 elliptical machine. Since I I Today’s Gorilla Bow workout using Dr John Jaquish’s week 16 workout 1b. I bit that bullet and ordered an x3 bar. I will be interested in comparing the tw…

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@mackmck: Elliptical/Gorilla Bow w16 w/o 1
0.17 km; 45 minutes, 0.102 SBD
My time demands today made a bicycle ride a bit out of reason. I was able to do my Gorilla Bow workout and follow that with 45 minutes on my Spirit xe295 elliptical machine. Since I was not able to do my Gorilla Bow workout yesterday, I will do a second one tonight. Today’s Gori…

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@mackmck: 33 minutes Elliptical
0.248 km; 35 minutes, 0.09 SBD
I certainly had a difficult time getting started today. The weather isn’t as nice as I expected it to be and I had worked myself into a real desire for a bicycle ride. I had no trouble with the Gorilla Bow workout but I wasn’t so excited about doing the elliptical. Then about a …

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@ervin-lemark: Afternoon Doggy Walk
3.21 km; 57 minutes, 0.362 SBD
It was a beautiful Sunday, sunny and warm as it supposed to be. Maybe not in the mid-February yet, at times it felt like it is Autumn. Warm, brown leaves, ... Anyways, here is the recording of our afternoon doggy walk along the ridge above Sava river and through the woods. We…

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@mstafford: Dallos Road with the Doggos
4.419 km; 58 minutes, 1.197 SBD
Afternoon walk with he pups. Went to the climbing gym earlier today too. Gotta gt climbing integrated with @exhaust soon!