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Saturday Tempo Ride || cycling 37.573km -- 3 days ago

Another nice day out on the road. This years Autumn in Auckland is remaining pretty calm and I am a little worried I haven't made the most of it. It was a great day and I am trying to do some of my rides in a similar way to my runs to see if I can finally make some improvements. I decided that af...

Duration: 91 minutes! | Pace: 2:26 minute/km | 0.582 SBD

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Weekends Need to be Longer || mstafford cycling 2.513km -- 15 days ago

Short short ride back from dropping off big red. Bike feels less good since I lowered the seat. Getting a lot less out of each push. Also, comparing the speeds from outside to the speeds on the trainer and how tiring it is -- I think I set the tension too high on my trainer. Wonder if I could find...

Duration: 8 minutes! | Pace: 03:19 minute/km | 0.194 SBD

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Gettin' all Mixed Up || mstafford cycling 23.156km -- 21 days ago

Still haven't finished *Local Hero* by SufferFest yet. Going for a 90-minute ride at a high effort level is proving harder than I thought it would be. Though, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't enjoying it. The ride today was pretty good, after my legs warmed up. I know I need a smaller bike, but I...

Duration: 58 minutes! | Pace: 02:30 minute/km | 2.838 SBD

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Saturday Cycling || cycling 36.255km -- 24 days ago

It's Saturday, and its time to get your ride on! The week has flown, and its Saturday so it's time to get out and ride. It's been nice over the past few weeks as there has been no real goal in site except to just get out an ride, so myself and Kirsty headed out on a windy morning for a quick ride...

Duration: 89 minutes! | Pace: 2:28 minute/km | 0.464 SBD

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Testing exhaust || dejan.vuckovic cycling 40.779km -- 27 days ago

As you know, when it comes to cycling I am a complete fanatic. Today I discovered a new steam application that allows you to publish training in an easier and more interesting way. For a test, one light weekend ride :)...

Duration: 164 minutes! | Pace: 4:01 minute/km | 0.200 SBD

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Early Sunday Spin || mstafford cycling 15.522km -- 30 days ago

Decided to try waking up at a reasonable hour this morning. Snuck (unlikely.. I'm sure I woke everyone up) out of bed this morning and set up the bike for another stab at The *Local Hero* SufferFest video. This one has kinda kicked my ass twice in a row now. Made it through the 3rd set of pyramids t...

Duration: 39 minutes! | Pace: 02:33 minute/km | 0.286 SBD

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Mornign Ride With Kirsty || cycling 31.515km -- a month ago

Every time I head out for a ride, it's not until I am home that I remember to take a photo. Today was no different, but I thought I would take a picture of some nice doughnuts I saw at our local supermarket. Its been a long time since I cut sugar out of my diet, but I still get the urge to shove ...

Duration: 79 minutes! | Pace: 2:30 minute/km | 0.344 SBD

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8.48 Miles Again || mackmck cycling 13.43km -- a month ago

My route was identical to my last ride, Tuesday and with identical mileage. Usually the GSP app shows some variance. 8.48 miles in 44 minutes. Here’s my X3 workout today. I began a regimen this week where the first two days will be heavy resistance (goal of 5 reps), the next two will be higher re...

Duration: 44 minutes! | Pace: 3:17 minute/km | 0.100 SBD

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Short Test Ride || mstafford cycling 11.837km -- a month ago

Since I got a sweet deal on the restistance part of the trainer ($125 used -- selling for $740 new on amazon, I think) -- I elected to spoil myself with the "Turntable Riser" that matches it. It feels pretty good, despite the bike being large. I need to go pickup a used bike that's a bit smaller. ...

Duration: 30 minutes! | Pace: 02:34 minute/km | 0.133 SBD

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8.48 wonderful miles || mackmck cycling 13.416km -- a month ago

Another incredibly beautiful day for a bicycle ride. I had a route in mind before I went out. I have done it as a part of a longer ride, but never by itself before I suspected it would be in the range of 6-8 miles, my target distance. It worked out well at 8.48 miles. My X3 workout for the day is...

Duration: 41 minutes! | Pace: 3:04 minute/km | 0.115 SBD

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Spinnin' Mah Wheels || mstafford cycling 8.356km -- a month ago

Trying to find time for a quick ride after some time at the climbing gym. Climbing felt really good -- I can tell that my hands and forearms are starting to get back into it. Still not where I was this time last year right before taking a bit of a hiatus -- but that will come with consistency. Gotta...

Duration: 22 minutes! | Pace: 02:42 minute/km | 0.140 SBD

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Short St Paddy's Day Ride || mstafford cycling 2.663km -- a month ago

Very short ride today, and first outdoor ride in a few weeks. The weather was nice, the sun was getting low -- and I needed to bring the van back to its parking spot. I tossed the bike into big-red and off we went. A few short minutes later, we were back at the vans home, and I was strapping some li...

Duration: 6 minutes! | Pace: 02:30 minute/km | 0.136 SBD

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COURAGE || mstafford cycling 21.04km -- a month ago

Ride on the indoor trainer today. This was the first full hour session riding with GoldenCheetah -- it's actually pretty cool. Having a pre-planned workout is great too, but I think only because you get to watch / simulate a race at the same time. Otherwise, it would just feel like looking at charts...

Duration: 54 minutes! | Pace: 02:36 minute/km | 8.000 SBD

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Just a Ride || cycling 33.723km -- a month ago

It's great to get back on the bike and what a day it was. Overcast, cool and surprising calm for windy Auckland, so it was great for my first real ride back after some big blocks of riding over the Summer. At the end of the day, I wished I should have ridden further, but the ride left me feeling go...

Duration: 87 minutes! | Pace: 2:36 minute/km | 0.279 SBD

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Well, that didn't take long || jkms cycling 19.382km -- a month ago

First flat tire of the year. I guess it's to be expected from a $300 bike with already worn tires. I should put some fenders and some nice kevlar rubber on this old girl this weekend....

Duration: 59 minutes! | Pace: 03:03 minute/km | 0.056 SBD

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47 minutes - 6.82 miles || mackmck cycling 10.966km -- a month ago

Got a 6.82 mile bicycle ride in just before dark. Today is “pull day” with Jaquish Biomedical’s protocol. My forearms sure feel it. I need to apply the principle of the whole body workout and only use the resistance that the weakest part of my body can handle. For instance, my back can handle much ...

Duration: 33 minutes! | Pace: 3:04 minute/km | 0.092 SBD

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I need a pina colada || jkms cycling 20.153km -- a month ago

because I got caught in the rain...

Duration: 58 minutes! | Pace: 02:53 minute/km | 0.056 SBD

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Before the sun rises || jkms cycling 19.376km -- a month ago

I've been hesitant to venture out on the roads in the dark, but golly is it ever nice to be on the road as the sun rises. Still a bit chilly out there, and there are few lawns with some snow on them still, but I'm getting my hopes up for the weather ahead!...

Duration: 56 minutes! | Pace: 02:54 minute/km | 0.058 SBD

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Made it home! || jkms cycling 20.308km -- a month ago

Holy smokes, it actually feels like spring. Ride home was great. Not feeling tired at all. Let's see if we can churn through the rest of the week!...

Duration: 55 minutes! | Pace: 02:43 minute/km | 0.056 SBD