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🚴 My Cycling Log | 24/06 || harryp3 cycling 7.66km -- 6 hours ago

Now I'm on the final straight of my road to recovery after my leg injury post-Southampton Marathon, I'm keen to get straight back into regular exercise. I don't think I could run too regularly, so I decided today to head out on the bike for just a 20 minute spin. It was also ridiculously warm today,...

Duration: 21 minutes! | Pace: 2:46 minute/km | 0.463 SBD

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Afternoon Bike || davidesimoncini cycling 14.008km -- 7 hours ago

<center>Afternoon Bike, From Massa-Carrara (Tuscany, Italy)</center>...

Duration: 53 minutes! | Pace: 3:51 minute/km | 0.132 SBD

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🚴 My Cycling Log | 22/06 || harryp3 cycling 14.238km -- 2 days ago

Yesterday I decided to go on my first bike ride in about 10 months. Planned to do about 20-25km, but it was not easy going so abandoned the route I had planned and cut it short. The power that I could put down about 10 months ago seems like a distant memory, and just maintaining 20km/h was a struggl...

Duration: 41 minutes! | Pace: 2:53 minute/km | 0.572 SBD

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Satruday Morning Ride || cycling 45.72km -- 2 days ago

The above quote is a great way to kick off the weekend. Even though I've been steering clear of riding some big hills lately, it is something I like doing so hopefully after my marathon in a couple of weeks. Even though its east to be climbing hills in Auckland, I have a great loop out the back o...

Duration: 106 minutes! | Pace: 2:19 minute/km | 0.793 SBD

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Time to work I guess.... || mstafford cycling 8.168km -- 3 days ago

Aaaaand this is the ride back to the office. I suppose I have to do SOME work today. :(...

Duration: 25 minutes! | Pace: 03:06 minute/km | 5.147 SBD

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Friiiiidaaaaaaay! || mstafford cycling 7.17km -- 3 days ago

Solid ride out to UVic this morning. Ready to participate in a joint Common Law / Indigenous Law presentation. Time to learn I suppose....

Duration: 25 minutes! | Pace: 03:32 minute/km | 4.107 SBD

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Cycled home and getting quicker || steevc cycling 21.54km -- 3 days ago

I have only got back into cycling in the last few years and I mainly do it as transport rather than competing, but I like to see that I am improving. On my ride home today I decided to see what I could do, much as I did on my [midweek run](

Duration: 60 minutes! | Pace: 02:48 minute/km | 2.283 SBD

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Saturday Batman Ride || cycling 45.609km -- 9 days ago

Its definitely winter and its time to get the long sleeve cycling kit out, hence the Batman cycling jersey. After last week being a little too windy to get out on the bike, it was nice to get outside and get back out on the road. It was a little windy but the rain held off until the after noon so...

Duration: 110 minutes! | Pace: 2:25 minute/km | 0.501 SBD

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Riding a Donkey || kiwibloke cycling 14.113km -- 13 days ago

After damaging my Road Bike nearly 2 weeks ago, I missed going out on a ride. So I pulled the old GT Hardtail MTB out of the garage and went for a small ride around Wainuiomata. I totally regret it, there was a reason it was put away, it needs some serious work done to it. I really want to get this ...

Duration: 61 minutes! | Pace: 4:23 minute/km | 0.094 SBD

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Got to love to be @exhaust ed! || raserrano cycling 15.828km -- 14 days ago

When I first started cycling I thought it was almost impossible for me to go cycling to Alajuela since I knew the way back was harder than getting there. Today I prove myself that I can do it and that I can get there and still have some energy left for some other places nearby. I'm really proud to s...

Duration: 57 minutes! | Pace: 3:38 minute/km | 0.170 SBD

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Afternoon cycling changing route || raserrano cycling 14.165km -- 18 days ago

This is the first time that I think I can comfortably do 15 Km few times in a week and do something longer or harder once probably Saturday morning. I can't really believe that I just achieve to do in a week more than I did on my first month cycling. Its been a 6 months long persistent growth over ...

Duration: 52 minutes! | Pace: 3:41 minute/km | 0.482 SBD

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Cycling to and from work || steevc cycling 17.422km -- 20 days ago

Today my workplace had a Cycle To Work day to encourage people to use their bikes. My regular commute is a 15 minute walk, ten minute train journey and another five minutes of walking. It is about 11 miles to drive, but the traffic can be terrible and so it would not be much quicker. I have cycled h...

Duration: 60 minutes! | Pace: 03:27 minute/km | 1.446 SBD

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Afternoon workout || raserrano cycling 11.303km -- 21 days ago

I need to keep working towards the 150 Km a month and hopefully will get me fit by the time I reach a few months. ...

Duration: 43 minutes! | Pace: 3:52 minute/km | 0.398 SBD

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Possible weekend route || raserrano cycling 17.701km -- 23 days ago

I'm trying to create or design a route for my friends to come and join me for weekend workouts. This is the first possible route I've created so far. I hope this one will make sense for a starting route/practice (give I'm the novice of the group) I believe this one will fit us properly, possibly wit...

Duration: 70 minutes! | Pace: 3:58 minute/km | 0.150 SBD

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Windy Saturday Morning Ride || cycling 36.525km -- 23 days ago

[Image courtesy of]( The only resemblance this image has to my ride is that, we are both on bikes. Last week I had still and calm conditions while today was completely the opposite. Today was windy and wet and it was a struggle from start to finish. It's amazing how differen...

Duration: 90 minutes! | Pace: 2:29 minute/km | 0.582 SBD

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USO Kupe Ride: Korokoro & SH2 || kiwibloke cycling 27.696km -- 23 days ago

A typical Saturday morning group ride, our routes are determined by the ride leader of the day, and today we had one of our elite riders leading us. I knew it, hill climbs ...

Duration: 91 minutes! | Pace: 3:19 minute/km | 0.076 SBD

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Friday climbing practice || raserrano cycling 5.716km -- 23 days ago

Today was a great day to make a long climbing. Most of it is part as the normal route but I also wanted to go segments hunting which I believe tomorrow morning or Sunday morning will be. I'm happy to make a new personal record for one of the hills i'm usually trying to improve....

Duration: 24 minutes! | Pace: 4:15 minute/km | 0.660 SBD

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Friday cycle and it's Follow Friday! || steevc cycling 21.376km -- 24 days ago

I did my fairly regular cycle ride home from work. I get to finish early on a Friday, so it is a good opportunity to use the time for my fitness. I get the train in the morning and so only ride a couple of kilometres then. That means I am not too sweaty when I get to the office. They have lots of bi...

Duration: 66 minutes! | Pace: 03:07 minute/km | 1.224 SBD

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Flats Happen || mstafford cycling 3.789km -- 24 days ago

Officially went 5 for 5 on bike to work week this year. Feeling really good. That being said, I took the short ride in this week, because I woke up a bit late and then noticed I had to change a flat tire. Oh well. Sometimes, flats happen....

Duration: 12 minutes! | Pace: 03:25 minute/km | 5.606 SBD

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May the 30th Be With You || mstafford cycling 10.117km -- 25 days ago

What an absoloutely outrageously beautiful day to ride in. Perfect temps, light breeze, light traffic -- wjat more could I ask for? Legs felt good, watch synced w/ satellites quickly, tasty coffee, and 2 coworkers joined me for the ride in. Hoping that this bike to work week keeps me riding in a ...

Duration: 27 minutes! | Pace: 02:41 minute/km | 4.714 SBD