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Snowday! || jkms cycling 33.0km -- 2 days ago

Worked from home today, so I was able to get on the bike early. But then I forgot to save the workout :P So, you'll just have to take my word for it...

Duration: 85 minutes! | Pace: 2:34 minute/km | 0.051 SBD

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Recovery Ride || jkms cycling 13.96km -- 2 days ago

A weekend of snowshoeing also turned into a weekend of waffles, cookies, and cake. Needed to rev the engine a little when I got home. Feeling much better meow :)...

Duration: 34 minutes! | Pace: 02:28 minute/km | 0.051 SBD

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Morning Long Ride || cycling 105.59km -- 6 days ago

<h2>Post Office, Papakura, Clevedon, Maraitai, Clevedon, Papakura, Airport, Home</h2> That's basically it. A nice tour of South Auckland on a bit of a grey day. I've learnt that an Auckland summer does not last as long as what it does in Melbourne, and over the past few years I've been noticing the...

Duration: 236 minutes! | Pace: 2:14 minute/km | 0.300 SBD

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Finding some flow || jkms cycling 34.511km -- 8 days ago

I was chatting with @mstafford today about fitness, and I was reminded of a clip from the Joe Rogan podcast. And it got me thinking, I'm probably trying to ramp up the intensity of these rides too much. So today I kept things comfortable, and I had a g...

Duration: 85 minutes! | Pace: 02:28 minute/km | 0.019 SBD

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Dialing it down || jkms cycling 35.897km -- 10 days ago

Well, the 200W ftp was a dream. Had to dial it back to 175 in order to actually finish a ride. That's fine. Baby steps. I'll get up over 9000 eventually :)...

Duration: 89 minutes! | Pace: 02:30 minute/km | 0.019 SBD

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Taupo Course Reci Ride || cycling 104.825km -- 12 days ago

<h2>It's Official, 4 Weeks Till Ironman</h2> Kirsty had a great idea to head away to the weekend and get down to Taupo, where Ironman New Zealand will be held in only 4 weeks time. Its a great chance to get out on the course and remind ourselves on what we will be in for in only 4 weeks time. Iro...

Duration: 250 minutes! | Pace: 2:23 minute/km | 0.209 SBD

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Fitness Cycling Over 60 | 13.93 miles today || mackmck cycling 22.017km -- 14 days ago

I am sure not up to 100% (if that’s ever really a thing for me) but it is too nice today not to go for a bicycle ride. 13.93 miles, Did my Gorilla Bow workout using Dr John Jaquish’s week 11 workout 2b. Gorilla Bow 390 lbs on Bow Week 11 Workout 2 -Dead Lift 15x390 5 second holds diminishing r...

Duration: 69 minutes! | Pace: 3:09 minute/km | 0.024 SBD

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Getting back into it || jkms cycling 15.612km -- 11 days ago

still pretty tired. Sleep has been off. adjusted the seat mid-ride today. felt much better in the lower position....

Duration: 36 minutes! | Pace: 02:21 minute/km | 0.016 SBD

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A little burned out... || jkms cycling 8.551km -- 19 days ago

Exhausted. I need to give the legs a rest for a couple of days....

Duration: 20 minutes! | Pace: 02:26 minute/km | 0.019 SBD

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The craigslist mystery bike! || jkms cycling 22.321km -- 20 days ago

First ride on the 56cm mystery craigslist bike! Felt AMAZING!! This beast of a clunker kicks ass! Feeling encouraged to do the work commute soon!...

Duration: 54 minutes! | Pace: 02:27 minute/km | 0.020 SBD

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Australia Day Ride || cycling 122.993km -- 20 days ago

<h2>Happy Australia To Everyone</h2> The 26th of January makes my national day in Australia. Being in New Zealand, I do miss it a little. Even though there is a lot of contention back home as to weather we should be celebrating the European settlement of Australia, it was always a time of the yea...

Duration: 322 minutes! | Pace: 2:37 minute/km | 0.255 SBD

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Power is up! || jkms cycling 24.809km -- 21 days ago

Second ride on the 58cm Miele. Even better than yesterday. It's still not quite right though. The drivetrain needs a good cleaning, for starters. Anyway, going to try a craigslist 56cm tomorrow....

Duration: 58 minutes! | Pace: 02:20 minute/km | 0.019 SBD

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Riding the pink bike today || jkms cycling 21.065km -- 22 days ago

And I crushed it. Cranked up the difficulty, and it was actually a little too easy. I want to increase my CP to 200 next time. Riding Rebecca's miele (58cm) is making a huge difference, but I still think I should probably be on a 56....

Duration: 54 minutes! | Pace: 02:35 minute/km | 0.018 SBD

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Trian on a smaller bike || jkms cycling 7.891km -- 23 days ago

Results: inconclusive. Going to try again when I haven't been fasting for 48 hours :P...

Duration: 22 minutes! | Pace: 02:47 minute/km | 0.017 SBD

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Spin class || somebuttstuff cycling 16.2km -- 24 days ago

I burned 360 calories and then almost died on the rowing machine for half an hour....

Duration: 36 minutes! | Pace: 2:15 minute/km | 0.017 SBD

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A weekend of suffering || jkms cycling 33.245km -- 25 days ago

Suffering for the second day in a row. Not going to lie, this was tough. Really struggled with the 100+ RPM segments in the last half. Regardless, still feeling strong. Ready for more!...

Duration: 85 minutes! | Pace: 02:34 minute/km | 0.017 SBD

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Morning Ride In The Rain || cycling 104.141km -- 26 days ago

OK, don't let the photo fool you, the morning was a wet and windy morning, only to clear up about and hour after I had finished the ride. The day hadn't started off that bad either. The plan was to leave home at about 7am and head over to the sea side, just outside of Auckland for a 4 hour ride, ...

Duration: 234 minutes! | Pace: 2:15 minute/km | 0.160 SBD

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Cadence still improving || jkms cycling 33.29km -- 26 days ago

Lowered the seat a touch. Should start taking measurements of these things......

Duration: 85 minutes! | Pace: 02:33 minute/km | 0.025 SBD

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Some bike adjustments || jkms cycling 20.316km -- 29 days ago

Wow. Moved the seat forward, and my cadence skyrocketed!! Hahahaha. I can't believe how little I know about cycling after all these years. Seat seems to be tilted forward too much, not sure how to angle it back...file:///home/john/Dev/instancing...

Duration: 54 minutes! | Pace: 02:41 minute/km | 0.022 SBD

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Spin class || somebuttstuff cycling 28.2km -- 29 days ago

I burned 620 calories and I really want to eat ice cream after. ...

Duration: 60 minutes! | Pace: 2:07 minute/km | 0.022 SBD