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Wednesday Long Run To Work || running 16.382km -- 28 minutes ago

The best thing about today's run is knowing that I have another day off work tomorrow. Tomorrow is ANZAC day where both Australian and New Zealander's remember our fallen soldiers from past wars, so with Easter earlier this week, it has been a little crazy remembering what day it is today. I thin...

Duration: 87 minutes! | Pace: 5:19 minute/km | 0.375 SBD

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Muthafreakin' madhouse || aussieninja running 3.8km -- 2 hours ago

Got myself out for a good old fashioned run yesterday... it was an incredible day, pretty much perfect for running. I hadn't run for 2 weeks, and it wasn't as rough as I thought it would be, especially since I had gotten a whole year older than I was the day before. Everything has just exploded sp...

Duration: 25 minutes! | Pace: 6:48 minute/km | 0.883 SBD

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🏃 My Running Log | 22/04 | 28km Long Run || harryp3 running 27.39km -- a day ago

With Southampton Marathon just two weeks away, Sunday was my last chance at a (longer) long run as a preparation run for the marathon itself. I'd decided during the week that Sunday was going to be the day and I'd try to run about 30km. The weather decided to be a pain, and I had the opposite end of...

Duration: 145 minutes! | Pace: 5:19 minute/km | 0.526 SBD

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🏃 My Running Log | Andover Parkrun | 20/04 || harryp3 running 4.98km -- a day ago

Saturday's Parkrun wasn't particularly special. I'd had issues with my left foot and some minor arch pain, so as a result hadn't run that much or very fast during the week (I often find that higher mileage weeks and more faster runs tend to convert into faster Parkrun times on the Saturday). It was...

Duration: 20 minutes! | Pace: 4:05 minute/km | 0.451 SBD

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Monday Easy 5KM Tapping Run || king-cobra running 5.631km -- a day ago

Hi guys, today's weather was super warm at 30 degree Celsius.When I arrived at the park, I just realized that my watch left 8% of battery. I ran 8km east pace but my watched stopped at 5.6km, but I continue to finish my daily goal. GPS: Garmin Forerunner 235 Shoes: Asics Cumulus 17 Gadget: Sony W...

Duration: 43 minutes! | Pace: 07:45 minute/km | 0.500 SBD

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Paseo para rebajar la comida || javirid hiking 2.927km -- 2 days ago

Hoy tuvimos una comida familiar. Nos reunimos todos por estas fechas, aunque no debido a las mismas. Comimos cordero, butifarra, morcilla -de cebolla, of course- y empanadillas y croquetas de bacalao caseras. Luego nos reimos un rato recordando las locuras de la niñez. Al rato nos levantamos y al...

Duration: 50 minutes! | Pace: 17:16 minute/km | 0.147 SBD

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Sunday Reverse 4Km Run || king-cobra running 4.248km -- 2 days ago

Hi guys, today's weather was super warm at 30 degree Celsius. I felt lazy today so I just ran 4 km and called it a day. GPS: Garmin Forerunner 235 Shoes: Asics Cumulus 17 Gadget: Sony Waterproof MP3 Player...

Duration: 33 minutes! | Pace: 07:46 minute/km | 0.508 SBD

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Sunday Struggle Tempo Run || running 12.066km -- 2 days ago

Marathon training is in full swing, and I have been running my tempo runs on Sunday. Usually in the afternoon, but decided to make a change to the mornings as this is when I will be racing in July. Its only 11 weeks until the race, so I do have a little bit of time to build up my distances, so am tr...

Duration: 55 minutes! | Pace: 4:35 minute/km | 1.052 SBD

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Puma And Max On Morning Walk || ervin-lemark hiking 1.674km -- 3 days ago

Saturday morning, the start of a long weekend. I liket he Easter Monday. It is always on Monday which means a day off work which means three days long weekend. Yes! We started it early, with a 6am morning walk with these two pals. Puma and Max, it is so difficult to get you two in one photo witho...

Duration: 28 minutes! | Pace: 16:49 minute/km | 0.496 SBD

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Saturday Tempo Ride || cycling 37.573km -- 3 days ago

Another nice day out on the road. This years Autumn in Auckland is remaining pretty calm and I am a little worried I haven't made the most of it. It was a great day and I am trying to do some of my rides in a similar way to my runs to see if I can finally make some improvements. I decided that af...

Duration: 91 minutes! | Pace: 2:26 minute/km | 0.582 SBD

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Thursday Easy 6Km || king-cobra running 6.178km -- 5 days ago

Hi guys, today's weather was super warm at 31 degree Celsius. . I just ran an easy 6 km and call it a day. We are now in drought season, so I will be expecting a warm race next week. GPS: Garmin Forerunner 235 Shoes: Asics Cumulus 17 Gadget: Sony Waterproof MP3 Player...

Duration: 46 minutes! | Pace: 07:34 minute/km | 0.391 SBD

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🏃 My Running Log | 18/04 | 10km || harryp3 running 10.265km -- 5 days ago

Yesterday's run was tough. It was the hottest it's been for a long while in the UK, so I was sweating buckets and really struggling as a result. My legs were really, really tight from my longer run on Monday, and my left foot was playing up a little - I had to stop for a minute or so twice so I coul...

Duration: 49 minutes! | Pace: 4:46 minute/km | 0.444 SBD

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Running Before A Long Weekend || running 5.312km -- 5 days ago

My run had nothing to do with was just a nice picture of them. It's the day before a long weekend and it usually takes a little motivation on my part to get out the door when I am at work. I did it though and it was a sunny and calm Autumn day in Auckland and was a perfect day for an ea...

Duration: 32 minutes! | Pace: 6:12 minute/km | 0.552 SBD

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Wednesday Rainy 5km Run || king-cobra running 4.053km -- 6 days ago

Hi guys, finally it rained today and I ran an easy 5km at the park. The weather was at 26 degree celsius, wet and cool. I had a cup of long black coffee and 1 serving of dark chocolate before the run. GPS: Garmin Forerunner 235 Shoes: Asics Cumulus 17 Gadget: Sony Waterproof MP3 Player...

Duration: 31 minutes! | Pace: 07:51 minute/km | 0.456 SBD

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Wednesday Commute To Work || running 16.318km -- 6 days ago

Today's graph has absolutely nothing to do with running. It's basically what I look at on a daily basis, trying to make sense of data and work out why a website was producing a 5 second delay to load when it usually only produces a 4 second delay to load. Anyway, enough of that, but this morning ...

Duration: 87 minutes! | Pace: 5:23 minute/km | 0.582 SBD

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Tuesday 5km New Route || king-cobra running 5.24km -- 7 days ago

Hi guys, today was a good day so I ran an easy 5km at Likas Sports Complex before my judo session. The weather was at 31 degree celsius, hazy and warm. As usual had a cup of long black coffee before the run. GPS: Garmin Forerunner 235 Shoes: Asics Cumulus 17 Gadget: Sony Waterproof MP3 Player...

Duration: 37 minutes! | Pace: 07:04 minute/km | 0.270 SBD

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Sun Playing The Strings || ervin-lemark running 3.59km -- 8 days ago

After a cloudy night and several raindrops in the morning, the day came out just great. thank you. Including this vignette of a sun playing on the string through the clouds. It was a nice day which ended with the ... ## Three Late Night Loops ... as usual when I don't take time for a run d...

Duration: 21 minutes! | Pace: 5:55 minute/km | 0.452 SBD

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Monday Easy 3KM Run || king-cobra running 3.071km -- 8 days ago

Hi guys, today's weather was super warm at 30 degree Celsius. I felt like the was no oxygen at all at the park and no wonder all other runners left when I arrived. So I just ran 3 km only and I felt like running inside a sauna room. GPS: Garmin Forerunner 235 Shoes: Asics Cumulus 17 Gadget: Sony...

Duration: 23 minutes! | Pace: 07:46 minute/km | 0.296 SBD

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🏃 My Running Log | 15/04 | Easy 15km || harryp3 running 14.919km -- 8 days ago

It's now just 20 days until I run the Southampton Marathon so this is my last chance of having a very intense week - and that's what I'm planning for! Today was an easy 15km/9 mile effort at a pretty comfortable 4:50/km - 5:00/km pace. It was really enjoyable, with my legs feeling really fresh f...

Duration: 71 minutes! | Pace: 4:48 minute/km | 0.336 SBD