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Another personal record of 31:31 over 5k. I'm gradually getting there and I trust that one time I will just look at my phone and I'll be under 30 minutes, It's a gradual thing but as long as I keep getting out two or three times a week and doing at least this far, I can see that it just gets better.

It didn't feel like this when I was doing it though. I was generally aware that I was running consistently slightly faster, but looking at the record of my pace, I can see that it varies quite a bit. There are bits (the bridge by the rowing club, the long but gently uphill bit by the allotments, the bit after the other bridge) where I slowed right down. These were partly about the terrain and other people. To say that if everything were completely flat and free of other people then I'd run faster is a bit empty. Thing is what's going on in my head - which is that I think I'm running at the slowest pace, my brain can't average out in the moment, and so I give myself a push and then tire. This is a picture of someone running at the edge of their capability, not well within their comfort I suppose.

Another lovely day done and another few seconds shaved off.


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