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Improving Cycling Performance With Aero Wheels And 25mm Tyres

Its race week and as usual its time to try something new. Yeah I know what your thinking. Never try something new on race week and I tend to agree but for my Ironman races its been a bit of a tradition so thought I wouldn't mess with tradition this time around.

So 4 days before my big race I thought I would have a bit of a test ride of a couple of changes I made to my bike. I actually hate getting out on the road this close to a race as I don't think other drivers can be trusted. I was hit by a car 4 weeks from my first Ironman race and needed to start the race with a brand new, un ridden bike. So for this time around I have finally moved to using 25mm tyres and as you can see from the image above, I have an aero jacket on the rear wheel of my bike.

Firstly, lets start with the 25mm tyres. Its actually been a long time that professional riders have moved to using 25mm tyres on 23mm width wheels. There is a lot of research to suggest you'll get improved rolling resistance making for a faster ride as well a more comfortable ride due to the extra tyre width absorbing a lot of the bumps. Getting out on the road, I know this is probably in my head but I actually felt like I was higher off the road. Not sure if 2mm extra would be that noticeable but I can actually say I did feel like the tryes were absorbing a lot more of the bumps on the road. Auckland roads are a pretty poor standard so it was nice to get some extra relief. Can't say I noticed any significant change in speed though.

For more details on Aero Jacket Disc Jacket, click here

With my new aero jacket disc cover also installed it was time to focus on any time saving I was getting from that. Even though it added an extra 200g (approximately) to the weight of the bike. It definitely was not noticeable. The main issue I was worried about was the wheel getting pushed by a cross wind and there was no issue with that at all. It was a pretty windy afternoon and there was a lot of opportunity to ride with cross winds hitting the wheel, so that was a big plus. Being so close to a race I only rode for 15km which I guess was not long enough to really get a gauge of any real performance improvement. I didn't see any drop in performance or reduction in speed due to the new tryes or aero jacket. During the ride time I did actually get my fastest time over a 6 minute segment that I have rode 32 times, so hopefully I will see some more conclusive results on a longer ride...maybe 180km.

For more details on my ride, feel free to checkout Strava


Man that thing looks slick! Good work on the test-ride! Cool that you've got a bit of a pre-race tradition.

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