WHOOP Training Week 5 And More Racing, by @run.vince.run


I don't always get amazing race photo's but in some situations, the light is perfect, you get the right angle, there is enough vasaline on the camera lens and just like that you look like David Hasselhoff leading the race to the finish line.

Maybe not exactly like that, but once again we are doing our best to get as many races in as possible while we can. We did have some races cancelled this weekend, but this image is from last weekend in Tauranga in the North Island of New Zealand. The race was a standard distance triathlon, and the wind certainly picked up to make both the bike and run to be a little tougher than what they normally would have been.

I am onto week 5 of the WHOOP training. I didn't post week 4 as it was a mirror image of week 3 so didn't see the point. The training is still not really pushing me as much as I would have hoped an advanced training plan would but it has been good to be doing something different.

Week 5 is listed below: Day 1 - Rest Day 2 - 10 Minutes Warm up, 8 x 3 minutes hard effort with 90 seconds walk as recovery. 10 minutes cool down. Day 3 - Recovery Run 30 minutes of work at 50% effort Day 4 - 10 Minutes Warm up, 12 x 1 minute hard effort with 1 minute walk as recovery. 10 minutes cool down. Day 5 - Rest Day 6 - Flex Day 30 minutes of work at 50% effort Day 7 - Long Run 65 minute run at 50% effort

I am still working hard and hoping Ironman will still be on next March. The run training is fitting in nicely with the rest of my training, especially the bigger bike training.

Stay Strong Everyone!

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