Trigger Pulled - Training Starts, by @mstafford

I've been on the fence for the last month or two about whether or not I should sign up for an October half-marathon event this year...


Humming and hawwing all the time -- but then I got around to looking at some previous results, and thinking about how good I felt when I was running more. I'm excited to say that the trigger has been pulled, and I've registered for the Victoria GoodLife Half Marathon in October of this year.

This is my first time running a Half Marathon event in my new home-town of Victoria BC, so I'm pretty excited. I've usually been going back to Kelowna in the fall to run in an event back there, as a bit of a family tradition -- but participation has waned a little bit, and I've kinda-sorta verbally committed to running this event in Victoria w/ some friends from work.

SO. Long story short -- it's happening in:

88 days gives me about twelve and a half weeks to get back into the kind of shape that I'd like to be in. My PB for a half marathon is 1:47:12 from the 2014 Whistler Half Marathon and I was pretty psyched on that time. Some of my other results range from 1:47:25 to a more recent 2:06:11 .

I'd be pretty psyched to get back into the 1:45:00~1:55:00 range -- so I'm gonna start looking at some training plans in detail here.

(Fun fact -- Through sussing out a training plan that works for me, I intend to slap together a "training calendar" section on EXHAUST that should tell me roughly how much I might expect to earn by completing the training plan in full)

Any runners out there with some recommendations on training volume/frequency and different workout 'types'? I'm looking at you:

  • @toofasteddie;
  • @harryp3;
  • probably many many more that I'm forgetting.

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You are a bit quicker than me, but I got by with a couple of training sessions each week, one of intervals plus a longer run. I may do another one next year.


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Hey! Thanks for the mention dude! Well, I think all depends on what would be your dedication per week, I mean, how many days a week you will train? My first advice to you is to build a consistent volume first, 50 to 60km a week would be excellent... But not from the first week, try to start with 30km a week divided in 3 sessions composed by 2 short runs 8 to 10km at 5’20”/km pace in average and then 1 long run at 5’30”/km of 12-14km. The following week try to increase a little the length of the long run. Do it for one month. The second month I would add one training day more doing some uphill runs to gain strength. The third month I would introduce long intervals in one of the four sessions, ideally 8 repetitions of 1000 running at your Lactate threshold which must be around 4’40”/km...

Btw, what is your recent PB on a 10K?

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Good luck!

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Good Luck @mstafford...we'll be watching closely with your progress. I think Eddie has some good points and I think the only think I can add is; 1. You have more than enough time to get to where you need to be. 2. If you feel you are not making progress, feel free to add in some additional shorter speed work. Eg; you could even add 3 or 4 sprints at the end of each of your runs. Sprint for about 15 seconds, then make sure you walk or slowly job for about 4 minutes after each spring to recover. Good Luck Mate!!!