State of Exhaustion - September 10, 2019, by @exhaust

State of Exhaustion

September 10, 2019


A friendly place to try hard! Come get EXHAUSTED!

Featured Activities from Yesterday:

image Morning Run : a running activity by @jgrieco
Distance: 10.62km, Duration: 49 minutes, Pace: min/km
Distance: 5.35 km, Duration: 36 minutes, Pace: 06:53min/km
Tuesday Easy 5Km : a running activity by @king-cobra image
image 10th Sep 19 - Running in SHAPE : a running activity by @browery
Distance: 4.76km, Duration: 31 minutes, Pace: 6.52 min/km

Cool Stories We Liked:

Hamilton Island Half 2017.jpg What I've learned from 40 Half Marathons By
By @weitblicker Qualitytime on the top of the mountain with my little friend an me! 🐶⛰ 6273e9e7d91bdbdcaac6b5debba240f5
IMG_3247.jpg Running Plan for the 2nd Adaptation Week By @toofasteddie

EXHAUST Leaderboards:

Running Leaders

This Week This Month This Year
1 jgrieco - 31.39km jgrieco - 49.42km - 932.18km
2 king-cobra - 15.39km browery - 46.87km king-cobra - 673.98km
3 lordcarlo297 - 10.53km king-cobra - 39.64km ervin-lemark - 589.22km
4 toofasteddie - 5.97km toofasteddie - 37.1km harryp3 - 438.14km

Cycling Leaders

This Week This Month This Year
1 browery - 40.27km jgrieco - 129.94km - 1517.61km
2 N/A - 91.96km davidesimoncini - 937.91km
3 N/A browery - 67.36km jkms - 793.6km
4 N/A steevc - 21.92km steevc - 231.35km

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This is a super cool project! I saw you all are looking for different sites to do more syncing. I really like the Jefit app/site. I’m really wanting to use it to keep track of my main lifts and then start posting some of those to here for my strength training.

Keep up the good work though this looks super interesting.