State of Exhaustion - October 09, 2021, by @exhaust

State of Exhaustion

October 09, 2021


A friendly place to try hard! Come get EXHAUSTED!

Featured Activities Shared Recently:

image After Lunch Ride : a cycling activity by @master-lamps
Distance: 8.97km, Duration: 78 minutes, Speed: 6.9km/hr
Distance: 5.22 km, Duration: 42 minutes, Pace: 8.217min/km
Morning Jogg 2021-10-09 : a running activity by @master-lamps image
image Weekend Plans : a yoga activity by @irisworld
Duration: 30 minutes

Cool Stories We Liked Recently:

image [ESP] [ENG] — Mi pasión número uno My number one passion. By @maryed
By @consciouscat My first 10 different parkruns in Australia image
image Noosa parkrun By @new.things

EXHAUST Leaderboards:

Running Leaders

This Week This Month This Year
1 rthelly - 49.12km argon - 69.38km ervin-lemark - 1843.79km
2 ervin-lemark - 38.96km ervin-lemark - 64.99km rthelly - 1680.55km
3 argon - 35.56km rthelly - 49.12km - 1325.36km
4 master-lamps - 30.56km master-lamps - 48.08km jgrieco - 1056.88km

Cycling Leaders

This Week This Month This Year
1 - 129.4km - 215.53km davidesimoncini - 5910.71km
2 davidesimoncini - 117.27km davidesimoncini - 201.78km granad - 5769.12km
3 dejan.vuckovic - 87.08km dejan.vuckovic - 134.06km - 4534.61km
4 master-lamps - 51.56km granad - 117.88km dejan.vuckovic - 2046.71km

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Electronic-terrorism, voice to skull and neuro monitoring on Hive and Steem. You can ignore this, but your going to wish you didnt soon. This is happening whether you believe it or not.


Thanks for your support and motivation!