State of Exhaustion - January 09, 2021, by @exhaust

State of Exhaustion

January 09, 2021


A friendly place to try hard! Come get EXHAUSTED!

Featured Activities Shared Recently:

image New Activity Title. Gym. : a strength activity by @lannabeiker
Distance: 3.21 km, Duration: 33 minutes, Pace: 10.38min/km
Jan 8 steps : a running activity by @potta image
image Mittagsradfahrt : a cycling activity by @granad
Distance: 71.06km, Duration: 178 minutes, Speed: 23.82km/hr

Cool Stories We Liked Recently:

image Old Recycled Post (Please Do Not Upvote) Thai National Park. Sounds of wild elephants from the edge of a cliff. Phu Kra Dueng NP. By @thinkit
By @kiel91 The chain tensioner image
image Peaceful Warrior Goddess Energy (& Qigong Video) By @millycf1976

EXHAUST Leaderboards:

Running Leaders

This Week This Month This Year
1 ervin-lemark - 50.86km ervin-lemark - 69.28km ervin-lemark - 69.28km
2 manuvert - 39.38km rthelly - 65.38km rthelly - 65.38km
3 toofasteddie - 35.47km manuvert - 50.91km manuvert - 50.91km
4 jgrieco - 33.43km toofasteddie - 42.5km toofasteddie - 42.5km

Cycling Leaders

This Week This Month This Year
1 granad - 165.53km - 259.9km - 259.9km
2 - 147.58km granad - 209.82km granad - 209.82km
3 rthelly - 63.71km rthelly - 82.06km rthelly - 82.06km
4 jkms - 47.09km jkms - 73.08km jkms - 73.08km

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Congratulations to all whose names are mentioned on this blog. Keep enjoying your Healthy Journey and stay blessed.

@exhaust, Happy new year team. Hope that in year 2021 Exhaust Community will expand and grow. Stay blessed.


Hey, probably a dumb question (I have plenty of these...) but when I try to add any tribe (sportstalk, palnet, etc...) in the tags for my Exhaust posts, it seems to be completely ignored. It used to work fine in the past, but it changed a few months ago. I could understand if it was the case for everybody, but I do see some other Exhaust posts in said tribes. What am I missing? Is there like a reputation requirement or something else? If that makes a difference, I post directly from