EXHAUST as a Curator...?, by @exhaust

What is curation...? Is this a role @Exhaust could participate in? Have we already been doing it for a while?



the action or process of selecting, organizing, and looking after the items in a collection or exhibition. "the curation of the exhibition was informed by my experience as an artist"

There's a lot of noise on Steem recently of the various bid-bot operations that are switching to a "curation service" model since the HF 21/22 updates that rolled out a few weeks ago. I wont speak to the politics / efficacy of the updates, as that's not really up for debate, or the point of the post here.

Generally, rather than bid-bot owners providing an automatic-upvote-for-payment service, they've decided to move forward with the more arduous task of manual content discovery. @exhaust has been endeavouring to find some of the cool stories / photos / motivations / activities posted on this blockchain, and I suppose it could be described as a similar sort of "curation initiative" -- but before it was cool.

curation hipster
The Curation Hipster

We don't dedicate 100% of our SteemPower to curating / content discovery -- most of it goes towards rewarding users for exercising -- but if we have extra SteemPower we use it for that. And we definitely scout out for cool stories all the time regardless. Sometimes, I like to think that I even do a pretty good job of finding some neato posts to share with everyone.

If you notice that your SteemPower is sitting around 100% and you could be making better use of it, and if you feel like @exhaust does a good job of curating cool stuff, consider delegating (or at least voting on some of the stuff we re-steem -- kinda sorta mostly the same thing). There are daily payouts to delegators based on the curation rewards earned each day.

Here are some handy quick-links for delegating to @exhaust via SteemConnect!

Delegate : 25 SP || 50 SP || 100 SP || 250 SP || 500 SP || 1,000 SP || 10,000 SP

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