Running Report - 04-09-2021, by @empress-eremmy


I probably need better stretch routines for my knees, as they've been acting up lately. I actually ran every day this week except yesterday and they held up just fine prior to Today's run.

Within the first 200 meters, I could feel some serious discomfort in my right knee that prompted me to stop immediately and stretch it out. I thought about heading back but decided to keep going slowly instead. Another two stops down the road and it didn't bother me again during the course of my long-run. However, the fact that it had been a recurring theme over the last couple of weeks is a source of concern.

I'll be looking up some routines to strengthen my calves and glutes and hopefully make this a thing of the past.

Other than that it was a pretty decent run, with very little attention paid to the time. Am always grateful for the privilege to run and while I also intend to run several times next week (am on leave currently), I'd make sure to factor in alternate rest days.

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Walking is healthful


You are doing great. With stretch and strength exercises you'll be doing even better :)

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