40ks of Easter -Day 4 (Final Day), by @empress-eremmy


An easy 12km run to cap off what's been a very productive holiday season. I could feel the accumulated fatigue built up on my body, but it wasn't going to stop me from heading out.

I figured I might as well take things very easy so as not to risk injury. Everything went according to plan save for a few times when I try to increase the pace only to slow down dramatically largely because of fatigue.

I think sport is a Gift, and being able to actively participate in any is something we shouldn't take for granted. Running for me has been huge in shaping my character over the last year or so.

All in all, stats show I ran >43km over the four day holiday period. While it's no marathon, I am more than satisfied with what it turned out to be.

2.037 HBD







Huge effort! Nice work!