Another dubious, expensive weight-loss supplement, by

This one has been making the social-media rounds lately and is apparently gaining in popularity. Like a lot of products on the supplement market, this one is not at all regulated and they use complicated chemical names that have no real medical background or testing involved with it.

I'm not saying that it definitely doesn't do anything, I'm just saying that it is extremely unlikely that a product like this would work at all, with only one chemical ingredient having any sort of actual science behind it. I am not a chemist, so I don't even know what a vast majority of this stuff is that's in it and I think that they complicated sounding ingredients are intentionally named as such.

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It's called "Night Shred" and it is once again going after a target audience of people looking for a lazy and easy fix or a magical cure for being overweight. This is a shortlist of things that the product claims to accomplish for their users.

  • maximize fat-burning
  • improve quality of sleep
  • decrease hunger upon waking up

Now, I haven't tried this product but I do know a thing or two about the ingredients it purports to contain (it is frequently discovered that many dietary supplements don't even contain what they claim is inside.) L-Carnitine is an amino acid that naturally occurs in a wide-variety of foods. This is claimed and backed up by some studies although it remains unclear as to whether these studies were sponsored and controlled by the very manufacturers of these products. CLA (and I have no idea what that stands for but presume it is a super-long science word) is also something that naturally occurs in many types of food, particularly high-protein foods such as beef, chicken, etc.

Basically you can find all the "fat burning" chemicals in these expensive tablets simply by eating right.

GABA on the other hand is a neurotransmitter blocker of sorts that is meant to mess around with your brain and is commonly used in various medications to relieve anxiety and treat ADHD. Although they don't specifically say it, it is implied that his is meant to curb your hunger and also help you to sleep.

About the only thing this product contains that I can say has been thoroughly medically vetted is melatonin, which has been shown time-and-time again to assist with sleep and I can say this from experience.

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The idea of "losing weight while you sleep" is not a new one and any time a product comes along and says that this is possible, they aren't technically lying but they are being very deceptive about how much of a difference this product (and many others like it) is actually going to make. The fact of the matter is that your body is ALWAYS burning calories 24-hours a day. If that ever stops you probably wont be aware of it for longer than a few seconds because it means your heart has stopped beating and you will soon be moving on the great lazy gym in the sky.

Another problem I have with this product is the reviews that you find for it are all from paid sources and this extends to independent Youtube videos, some of which will display the obligatory "includes paid advertisement" warning while something else is going on in the video that they hope will distract you. This was a common tactic in the 80's when dietary supplements were allowed to be sold to stay-at-home moms who all jumped on Slim Fast and Dexatrim programs, some of which were very damaging to their customers overall health. The tiny print would appear at the bottom of the screen that basically equated to "individual results may vary"... IE, this product doesn't actually do anything.

I hate these kinds of products because not only do they have an extremely minimal effect even if used properly. They also carry a rather high price tag at $50 per month. The main problem I have with them is that they appeal to the lazy side of people and convince them that they do not need to exercise but merely need to take this magic capsule in order to look like the woman in the second photo.

I got news for you folks, no one is going to look like the woman in the second photo because of a nutritional supplement of any kind. That woman probably works her ass off at a gym on a daily basis and eventually everyone is going to have to face facts that they will not get the results without the work.

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I remember a tablet about 25 years ago maybe less that you took at night and lost around 1kg by the morning. It increased your metabolism by increasing your heart rate or something which didn't sound very safe. people always look for short cuts instead of actually enjoying doing the exercise burning the fat. It is fun after you have been doing it for a few days and seeing the results.


lose weight while i sleep? Sign me up!