My Hiking Adventure Part 07: Tarp Shelter, by @kiwibloke

With the arrival of my new DD Tarp 3m x 3m, I quickly went out and bought 2 more items. A paracord blister pack and poncho, both from the warehouse at an extremely cheap price.

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The plan was to wait for a windy and rainy day, today it was forecast to provide both. So without any tarp setup practice I headed out bush. The trail I chose is actually closer to home but in a more easterly direction, which means no GPS tracking possible (no phone what-so-ever), too far away from the closest cell tower. It's embarrasing to say I don't come this way often, it is quite nice out here. With the bad weather I didn't expect anyone apart from myself to be out here, I was wrong, apparently real hiking families are not bothered with the weather.


DD Tarp 3m x 3m : $96.00NZ

  • best hiking purchase I have made this year, such a quality product I can't wait to use again. In the following video it easily stopped both the wind and rain. The configuration I used, the A-Frame Shelter with slight modifications has to be my favourite. I do know how to set up others like the tarp tent, or the lean to but today the A-Frame felt a lot quicker to set up. I'll keep the guy lines attached permanently to each of the corner tie off points.

Paracord Blister Pack : $6.00NZ

  • premaking the ridge line was a great idea, this pack contained a 15m paraord (bloody aweful colour needs to be replaced). A bowline one end, 3x prussic knots, this definetly reduces the setup time. It is a keeper. I got this idea from a video the youtube channel Corperals Corner : Ridgeline System.

Poncho : $5.00NZ

  • it is cheap, does what it is supposed to do, that is to keep the rain of my body. It was never meant to cover the backpack as well and I am OK with that.

It feels good to gradually see my gear growing.

  • with every post comes experience, as we all strive to do better.
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  • as always, thank you for viewing my post.

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