First @Runningproject video after @dtube new update + AIRDROP, by @toofasteddie

Another token is being airdroped to all the steemians!!!

I have claimed my DTUBE Coin airdrop, 100 DTC in total, following this post and I take the chance to share with you this Lapsed Video taken with my iphone.

Lapse Video Option is a great tool in order to study the Kinematics of the Runners. In this video, a couple of fellow runners are doing some interval Workout on the track...

What do you suggest they will have to improve?

Keep on running!


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1.666 SBD







Well, I have claimed my airdrop and now you have introduced me to the amazing world of DTube! I'm not sure about the runners ... what's the answer? :) Good for training and understanding more about running.


Can't keep up with this many airdrops


No matter the others, get focus on the goal...just stand up, breathe and RUN!!! ...but don't expect to win every time :-).

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*Resteemed by @runningproject

Check more about @runningproject at this post.


I believe the DCT's that are currently distributed are just their testnet token.

That being said, I think they're going to have an official air-drop later this year.

As far as what the runners could improve -- I'd suggest:

  • The dude in the back should try going faster;
  • Maybe try landing more on the forefoot rather than the heel?


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