[EP288] - Adventures in fasting, by @ninjavideo

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all well! Welcome to my video made exclusively for D.Tube and Cinnamon

So, I realise most people will find the very concept of fasting to be sacrilegious - I might even have people unfollow me in disgust.

That'd be a shame... because I'm really using fasting as a way to eat all the pizza and cheesy garlic bread that I can.

We've hit that point where there are more overweight people than underweight people in the world... which means overeating is just rampant on our planet.

It makes sense... biologically we've evolved to look for food almost above everything else, even when we're fatigued or sick... but now that food is so available, and it's not always full of nutrients, we need to think about other ways to deal with it.

I've been playing with fasting; I've seen quite a few benefits and it's honestly not as hard as I thought it would be.

Do you think you could ever attempt it? Or have you in the past?

Thanks for watching!


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