[EP205] - Running every day for conditioning, by @ninjavideo

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For the last couple of months I've been trying to build up the conditioning in order to run every day. The ultimate goal is to build up my endurance and speed for obstacle course competitions, and I think that running is a good way to build up the lungs.

Of course, it'd be much safer to just run a couple of times a week, sprinting is probably one of the best ways to develop your lungs, but since I've almost continually had issues with injuries, I really need to work on my conditioning. Conditioning is where you repeat movements without overly stressing your body, so that you build up resistance to injury over time. For example, instead of lifting a super heavy weight 4 times and potentially injuring yourself, you lift a much lighter weight 30 times. Eventually your muscles, tendons and nervous system will be strong and tough, and then you can lift that heavy weight without that risk for injury.

It's the same with running, by running every day, I'm strengthening all the muscles and tendons so that when I do need to sprint in a competition, there's far less chance of something going really wrong.

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