[EP221] - Finished my challenge... yikes., by @ninjavideo

Hi everyone!

Hope you're all well! Welcome to my video made exclusively for D.Tube .

I finished my 100km challenge in August... I ran about 4kms most days in August on a super hilly route to get to a total of 100km for the month... and it sucked.

The last week was super hard... I started to get shin splints and plantar fasciitis and just couldn't seem to recover enough to finish. I forced myself to finished the challenge, but the last two runs were just a disaster.

Don't run every day, it's a terrible way to go about things. You really need a couple of days to recover. I was trying to work on my conditioning, but I think I really achieved the opposite.

I'm now working way more on gym work to build my strength and flexibility.

Thanks for watching!


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