[EP178] - I've seriously never faced this before..., by @ninjavideo

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It is crazy how insidious sugar is to our systems. The Australian Aborigines used to go their whole lives without sugar at all.... and now after European settlement it's become a real problem for them... their DNA and genetics seem to crave sugar really badly. I've never really cared for sweets... as a food it's not filling enough for my metabolism, I never liked how crazy people would get for sweet foods, and it all seemed like empty calories that did nothing for me.

Lately though, with the change of job, the kitchen rebuild and my total lack of training focus, I let sugar in... just a little bit, and now I seriously crave it several times a day... this is brand new to me, I've never had these cravings ever before in my life.... and only now I truly appreciate how amazingly, almost-impossibly hard it is to give up. It just gets into your brain until you do something about it... and then it's right back in there again later.

I'm not binging or anything, and I'm sure 99% of the population think I'm overreacting... but I'm really not happy with this situation at all.

Is this a struggle that you've ever had? Has reading my post or watching this video helped or totally not helped?

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