Mindful Monday - Goodbye To You, by @jackieobermeyer

.°. Mindful Monday .°. . . Tune in here every Monday for a moment of pause to start your week off right! . . I'm saying goodbye to a lot of different parts of myself this week. Goodbye to the part that's scared of social media. Goodbye to the part that's scared of being a leading expert in sound therapy. Goodbye to the part that doesn't feel worthy of being loved. It takes letting go and saying goodbye to create space for the new. This Michelle Branch song has helped me through many a break-up and continues to be there for me as I "break up" with obsolete versions of myself. . . What parts of yourself are you ready to say goodbye to? It's ok to feel sad and grieve as we let go, and is actually an important part of the process. By grieving, we acknowledge all of the amazing perspective we gained by embodying those different versions of ourSelf and express gratitude for those experiences. And by expressing gratitude, we invite in more amazing experiences and perspectives. . . Acknowledge. Grieve & give thanks. Let go.

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Lovely song! Thank you!😁


it is a shame that gifted people are always so doubtful and the dull and ignorant never lack courage


Jackie, this is perfect for a Monday and starting the week anew. Thank you!


Goodbye to the part of myself that's scared of "It" costumes


Your voice is very beautiful. Thanks for this song, it's really a gift. Happy to have heard you. A big hello @jackieobermeyer


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