Drone Footage of Villahermosa - A Hike Into The Clouds And Along The Coast - La Gomera, by @for91days

The last drone video of our week on La Gomera! We moved towards the North of the island and it sadly brought a long some colder and cloudier weather. We got spoiled in the south but to be honest we didn't mind it too much since it added some eerie views over the rough landscapes of the North.

We started out in pretty bad visibility but the moment we reached the coastline it cleared up a bit and we could admire the vast and beautiful coastline. We also loved seeing that artificial pool of Villahermosa. Fun fact, after a month in the Canary Islands, we haven't gone swimming even once.

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This video was filmed with this drone .

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Spectacular views! I so much look forward to go to Tenerife in a few months, I will look closer at your reports.

May I ask you? When I write a post from dtube ui I don't see it on Steemit. How did you manage to insert a link to DTube?


what a wonderful view. glad you had a good time. cheers sue