Great half day of climbing yesterday, by @flemingfarm

Thanks to the thunderstorms


Two weeks ago we put in the anchor atop the Knight Hawk wall. The first route we are putting up is a superb line. About 85 to 90 feet tall and looks to be in the mid 5.10s for difficulty. The route follows the cracks behind the rope.

While readying for climbing I noticed an old piece of wood nailed to a tree near the base of the wall. It was super old and showed no marking on it. We used the space as a new marker for the wall.


I was the first to give the climb a go and made it about to this point before my fingers couldn't keep holding on. I had mucked around on the other variation to the left but it is a lot harder than the route we have. The climb starts out in a nice short hand crack to a short traverse that gets you to the overhanging steps of rock heading to the right. The holds a re nice and solid until pulling over the roof where it turns into foot work.


Art nearing the top of the route as the thunderstorm rolls in over us. He managed to top the route after seeing my beta for the first half. I lowered him off the wall and shortly after he hit the bottom the storm started to dump.


We were using a single 60 meter rope which gets us exactly to the bottom, but that meant it was not fixed for ascending. We chose to just jump on the line, one on each side to mostly balance our weight, then ascended to the top. The rain kept getting harder and the rock more and more wet.


We got to the top of the route and piled all our gear on us and headed for the top of the wall and the rest of our gear. We gathered it all up and headed to the safety and dryness of the fir tree near a small cave. The rain kept coming down and got harder and harder.


The tree started to drip on us a lot so we climbed into the cave with my dog Jax and waited for a while to see if the rain would let up, which it did not do.


Jax was happy to be out of the rain and he was a bit jumpy from all the thunder.


The rocks were draining water into the little cave and so we made the decision to pack up and bolt for the truck. As we gathered everything and began our hike out I got these shots of the storm in the canyon.



I am thankful that I had brought my fleece jacket in the morning as that was a nice dry and warm layer for me to put on once we got back to the truck. We then drove around the forest for a little while looking for more rock outcroppings or faces, then we headed back to his house. It was only raining on the crest and not at his house by the time I left. Looking at the dopler once I got home though the storms moved over all the climbing areas up north so we were lucky to get as much climbing in as we did.

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