60 Day Jogging Challenge!, by @sugandhaseth

Hello Fellow Steemians!

I have been posting pictures of my 60 days challenge since the last 11 days. So today I want to talk about it - what is this challenge, why I have taken it and what keeps me going.

How It All Started

So this started while I was at my mother's place. My younger brother has been Gymming a lot and he looked really fit. When I asked him how he has been managing, he answered me back “everything you want to do is manageable“. Then it struck to me that I want to stay fit, lean and strong but what am I doing to keep that way? Apparently nothing! So that is when I decided taking a 60 day challenge for myself.

60 Day Challenge

https://cdn.pixabay.com/photo/2016/05/25/07/56/start-1414148 960 720.jpg

In this challenge I am supposed to go for jogging everyday without fail, click and post a picture of mine on any social media website, so I chose Instagram because it's for pictures and sharing your stories from your day to day activity. When I started, I used to take 4 rounds of jogging in 4 lapses and rest 30 minutes of walk. Today it was my 12th day and I have reached 6 rounds of jogging in 3 sets of 2 rounds each along With 30 minutes of walk. It is amazing how I thought I don’t have time for it and now it has become a goal for me and a part of my routine.

I am also posting my daily step count on @actifit to monetize my efforts because why the hell not. That's the power of Blockhain, you get paid for your efforts. Yo get paid to run. :')

Achieve Your Goals

Whatever you want to really achieve in life, you have to fight for it. Things don’t come easy. What comes easy is what you might not even want. Now that I have made a routine, it feels so fresh and energetic and I actually think how I have been surviving without it since ever.

No matter what time I am coming back from office, I can skip cooking and eating and sleeping but jogging never goes off my agenda. Obviously one major motivation is that I have declared it on social media so I have to keep up the challenge and maintain my sanity as well but it’s fun!

So if you want to achieve something and you think you are far from it, just take a challenge for yourself and then there is nothing that can stop you.

All Images have been taken from Pixabay

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