It has been a while | Quick 20km cycling, done and dusted!, by @scrooger


I used to cycle a lot when I was younger. Now, I just don't have the time, or do I? I guess saying I don't have the time sounds lazy, because maybe it is. I have some time, I could choose my relaxing time to cycle and today I finally did it! I remember back in the day when I did 700+ kilometers in 7 days and as fun as that was, I was younger then. Now doing a 20km run took quite a bit of my energy and I was pretty tired after it. It showed me though, I am not that old or tired yet, just a little out of practice! So even though my back and bum hurt a little I think I have to go for 30km next time!

South Korea has some of the best biking routes I have ever seen and no matter where you live, there is most likely a good route a few hundred meters away from you. This route starts about 1km from my apartment and it goes on forever! I just decided to turn around after 10km since I was already tired and the wind was against me.



After my phone told me I reached 10km, I stopped to take a quick picture ( I know I should have taken more pictures but I hate stopping once I am set for a certain goal).


Screenshot<em>20220108-213220</em>MapMyRide (1).png

The green dot is where I started (I forgot to start the app earlier) and the red dot is where I finished. Not a bad cycle after more than a year of not cycling at all. Also, the first time cycling after I broke my foot, and luckily it had no effect at all. The time is not that great as I had to wait for quite a few traffic lights...

Until next time, I think I will go for 30+ km next time for sure!

8.624 HBD







Hello Dear @scrooger

30 KM in 1:11 Your style of cycling shows that you are still young ):

. Stay Safe AND !ALIVE