Post Spin Run


I just finished a 7.115km run that lasted about 0hh:39mm:25ss !


Today I had the first of my performance tests at Auckland University as part of a scientific study I am taking part of. My run came after the performance test and looked at it as a good training session for up and coming triathlons later in the year.

The performance test had me doing a 15 minute warm up, then wearing me out for 45 minutes by having me cycling at 200 Watts, before I then needed to do an 8km time trial at the end of the performance test. Today my time trail was 1 second quicker than my previous one, so hopefully I am taking the placebo as part of the study.

The plan was to then run to work after the performance test which was a little easier said than done cause I was a little stuffed after the ride. Took it easy though and made sure I had a nice 7km recovery run into work.

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