[EP98] - What's my place in the Steem ecosystem?

by @ninjavideo

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well!

I've lost my Steem mojo at the moment. There was a project I was excited about, that is no longer going ahead and killed a little project I wanted to create. I still might do it, but it's definitely killed my enthusiasm. Heaped on top of that is the often inexplicable rewards system of Steem, some people getting crazy amounts of upvotes while others just continually struggle. I totally understand that, Steem, like almost everything is as much about relationships than anything else, but I've hit that stage where I need more from the blockchain than just trying to grow my account.

I do think that Steem works best when you use it in conjunction with things you're really passionate about, it's too frustrating and too big of a mystery to be your sole interest. That way, you're still creating things you care about and you're not too stressed about the Steem-rich getting richer, etc. I just now need to find my place in the ecosystem. Find what I would be proud to build or contribute to...

The loomingness of the Steem Creators Conference is definitely there as well... when I bought my flights I was super pumped about projects that I'm no longer sure about... what am I going to say when people ask me what I'm doing there?

Thanks for watching!


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Ohhh I totally get what You mean. I think a lot of people are lost in that same circle. But I think the main reason for that is the lack of audience we have in here. I love and enjoy to create and I do it all day every day. But sometimes I feel that not a lot of people are even looking to what I do. I am lucky enough to have a good group of people that watch and enjoy my stuff but we are all content creators. I don't feel that I have a following of people that are not online content creators and watch my stuff because they are entertained. And I think that's what missing in here now.

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Yes!! That's exactly it!

You're endlessly entertaining, so I can absolutely see that you'd want an audience, and that maybe even getting upvotes but no comments wouldn't be fun for you. I'm actually the other way, I want to read and watch and interact with people way more than I want to create, but there's no real way to build my account doing that. I'm almost forced into being a creator which leads perfectly to your point... if everyone creates, who is going to consume?

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Yo! I'm planning a moderate-to-significant retooling / restructuring of what @exhaust is and what it does. We should chat and/or collab -- could likely incorporate the ninja-training stuff into it.

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Very encouraging ( and promising) to hear that you also like to "consume" Content here at Steem and not just create. I think you even said you like it more than just creating Content.

We need more like you...definitely. Thanks for this video @ninjavideo

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Thanks Robert... in all honesty, I probably spend 8 hours a day consuming content on Steem between other work.

It's just a shame that consuming and appreciating content doesn't really help grow your account. If people were as generous to upvoting comments as they are posts, I think Steem would have a lot more consumers and be better for search engines, etc.

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