[EP99] - Steem Content Consumers are everything!

by @ninjavideo

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well!

My last video that I posted last week really got me thinking. I think part of my feeling out of place with the Steem Blockchain is that the rewards structure doesn't necessarily reward people for putting in good work... it seems to reward quantity over quality.

I think a big part of that problem is everyone's autovotes. Now, I personally have a few autovotes happening, with creators that I want to encourage more content from, so I'm definitely part of the problem.

When I first started, there seemed to be so much more conversation. Posts like Taskmaster4450 would have all these huge multi people discussions... discussions would branch off, and it was really fun. I made way more from good comments than I ever could from posts.

Very rarely do I come across good conversations in a comments section... which means that no one is getting rewarded for comments, which means that no one is consuming the content that we're all creating. People get voted up regardless of their content. When quantity is rewarded, quality goes down, and then you have to ask yourself 'what value does Steem bring to the internet'? If we're not creating value, then the Steem token has no value.

I honestly don't know what the solution to this is... and I'm not sure many people are particularly worried. I'd love to see thoughtful comments earn as much if not more than posts... once people see they can grow their account my consuming and interacting... then Steem is ready for mass adoption.

Thanks for watching!


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Comments (not always thoughtful, though, I suppose) get rewarded over here in EXHAUSTville.

But you know this.


Also -- It would be compelling if someone were to come up with a really good way to reward good content on a recurring basis. You're spot on with suggesting that it's quantity over quality currently. There's many bloggers on here that I used to read with a bit of interest, but I've found that they just say the same thing over, and over, and over, and over again.

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I know it! And I love it! I'm not sure of the math exactly, but I'm sure people don't realise you could make as much from a few comments through the Exhaust platform than you do posts... which I absolutely love.

This is another reason why I think Autovotes on Steem are probably doing more damage than good. Once creators realise they'll get the votes regardless of the quality of their content, then why not Ctrl+C, Ctrl+V. If everyone just manually curated, I think we'd find that people spend their VP on the people who comment on their content, because that's all in one place... but why would anyone manually curate when you can earn more automatically...?

Maybe this is where SMT create some value... they have to be earned by being great? Maybe...

The frustrating thing is that if I had a $5 vote, but only upvoted thoughtful comments, I'm sure I'd get a ton of great engagement that everyone really enjoyed, whether they were rewarded or not.

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wow. you are so right. its same situation on YouTube you get these whales who control everything and. make good coin on it as well. the thing is most produce poor content. almost no thought process at all. its a shame that people like you and i spend so much time on our content. and get no recognition on it. thanks for making awareness on this. sincerely jr

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Thanks JR! Yeah, and I understand part of life is building relationships, and I'm sure that's exactly what the successful whales on YouTube have done.

Steem is still pretty new, and I think a lot of autovotes are probably old/legacy, so they're hurting the platform as a whole. If we really put heart and soul into each video, and really worked at building an audience like people did when I first joined, Steem would be an incredible place to be, and people could build their accounts by interacting and consuming. As it stands our ecosystem highly favours creators... who have no one to create for.

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yeah, I feel you man

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Thanks man! It's tough when you see a systemic problem... but also don't think it's ever going to change.

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