[EP92] - Treadmills are the worst! @exhaust is the answer!, by @ninjavideo

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well!

Did a ton of treadmill work and lots of swimming today... working and sleeping in the same room isn't great for sleepytimes... so I have to @exhaust myself in order get any sleep.

Treadmill work really is pretty amazing terribly awful. It's super boring, and hot and mega unfun... but @exhaust makes it better. @exhaust is a Steem blockchain frontend (that you can find here ). You get paid in liquid steem for the exercise that you do... but the big news for today is that @exhaust will also provide 100% of it's curation to it's delegators. This is massive and so incredibly generous.

I love the @exhaust community, and it absolutely motivates me to get moving.

Here is the post: https://steemit.com/exhaust/@exhaust/delegate-to-exhaust

Thanks for watching!


Check out my more detailed post on my blogging account How to train for Ninja Warrior or my website Australian Ninja Warrior

Join the @dtubefitness community today! Everyone is incredibly supportive and extremely generous with their knowledge.

Join the @dtubefitness curation trail so that you too can get regular upvotes and support on your fitness journey:

Check out some detailed info at my EXHAUST page
Join me in testing out EXHAUST !

Australian Ninja Warrior | Australian Ninja Games

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Love the high-speed entrance for this video.

Treadmills are about as exciting as watching water boil. But they're better than nothing!

Keep it up, dude! Enjoy having you as part of the community too.


To clarify about what rewards are kept and what's redistributed:

Stuff we keep:

  • Liquid and Vested rewards from posts/comments made by @exhaust;
  • Curation rewards earned from SP owned by @exhaust (non-delegated SP);
  • Vested rewards earned from benefactor rewards (activity generated author SP);

These rewards help @exhaust continue to grow and fund some initiatives we're excited about. For example, some of the liquid rewards will go towards creating a pool of liquid steem to purchase SBI shares as achievement milestone rewards in the near future.. Slowly but surely -- @exhaust will become a monstrosity that rewards users substantially.

Stuff we redistribute:

  • Liquid rewards earned from benefactor rewards (activity generator liquid STEEM / SBD);
  • Curation rewards earned from delegated SP;
  • Good vibes;