[EP116] - Steem is unsustainable.... without friendship.

by @ninjavideo

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well!

I've been on Steem for over a year now, and I log into the various apps every day. I do so because I love it. There's people on this blockchain that I really like. I enjoy their content, I enjoy their interaction... and before finding Steem I was pretty active on Instagram.. and I've honestly barely logged on.

If you're just chasing upvotes... whether it be from a certain app, or from a whale that has you on autovote, you're missing the point. Steem is powerful because of it's community. The Steem token only has value because of the community, because people want to read or view and interact with people they like and/or admire.

My advice to anyone new to the platform... or to anyone that just is feeling a bit burnt out... find your people. Don't worry about upvotes, they're honestly not that important. Find the people that you enjoy interacting with, and then you'll enjoy the true value of Steem.

Traditional social media is very good at keeping people in silos. You only really get to see content that you already enjoy. It makes sense in theory... give the people what they want, but what happens is that people never get to interact with anyone else that will expand their world view. Steem absolutely gives us this opportunity; it's an incredible resource and I hope you plan to take full advantage.

Thanks for watching!


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Ohhh damn... So I am fucked... I am an anti social bastard 🤣🤣🤣🤣

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Ha! No one will believe that in a million, trillion, kabillion years! You're not anti-social, you're high energy... you go, you make everything amazing in a firecracker Sergio explosion and then you're done.

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Wait, i see you everywhere! I cant believe you are anti social. Haha Ren

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I really like your philosophy. Engagement is the key. Finding new people, investing in their growth, and supporting others is important. If you are interested, my other account is @heyhaveyamet. That accout puts out a daily post of the real introduction posts so you do not have to sort through all the spam and mistagged posts.

I have worked really hard at growing our @xcountytravelers account and the curation HHYM account, but this one I decided I was going to grow only by engagement and interaction. As you can see, I don't do as much as I could, but the goal is not to get huge just chill out and have a little fun.

Thanks for sharing! Ren

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Oh nice... I used to run an account called @thefreshfive, and that was a lot of work... so what you're doing is absolutely amazing! Great work!

What a great way for newbies to be introduced to the platform!

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Great post...Some people might need to watch this as their induction video when first joining steem.

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Ha! Thanks man! If that was the case I'd try and make it way more polished. It still annoys me how much I say 'ah' and stuff... but talking to the camera still freaks me a bit.

I really did make it for the people who get burnt out chasing whale or Dapp votes... but I do think it's something that people still don't really understand... Steem is a social media platform with an incentive to interact... but the social part of it is still crazy important.

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