[EP101] - Dtubers MUST upvote their viewer comments!

by @ninjavideo

Hi everyone! Hope you're all well!

I really don't want to talk about the platform every second video.... but.....

We have an extremely unique opportunity here on Dtube and the Steem Blockchain. We have access to a platform where we can financially reward our audience... at no cost to us!

This is absolutely massive... on traditional social media, you can like, love, heart, upvote, whatever the people who interact with your content, but you can't really reward each and everyone who leaves a content. So many content creators on YouTube are so appreciative of their audience, especially the ones that get to make videos full time, and most would love to share the wealth with the people that made it possible.

At Dtube, we have that opportunity, and we're not using it. It's crazy to me that we see Dtubers reply to comments, but not upvote them. Why wouldn't you reward the people that took time out of their day to watch your content AND took the time to comment?

I'm sure it's because those Dtubers are too busy voting on other content creators to get the curation rewards, but I say you look after your audience first... and anything left over can be spent on anything else.

Content consumers are rare creatures on this blockchain, but they are our most important resource! Content consumers drive the value of Steem... not content creators. If we don't treat our consumers as the treasures they are, then we're all wasting our time.

Dtubers : Reward your audience! It doesn't cost you anything to say thank you for spending their time with you.

Viewers: If you comment on a video and don't get an upvote. Unfollow them. If you're not getting upvoted despite taking the time to comment, that creator doesn't care about their audience... and so don't deserve an audience.

Obviously terrible comments are the exception to this, but I honestly don't see many around these days.

Dtube offers so much more potential than YouTube. Unless you've been around for years, have a huge audience from another platform, or happen to grow crazy viral, it's almost impossible to make money there... on Dtube it's extremely possible, but no creators are going to make the move if there is no audience.

Treat your audience with the love that only Steem can provide. Upvote your audience! Always!

Thanks for watching!


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Yeahhhhhhhhhh I do it all the time. I like. To show some appreciation to everyone that take the time to watch my videos ❤️

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Great!! I've been thinking about the conversation we had earlier on the lack of consumers... it really stuck with me, and I think really taking care of our audience means that consumers can grow their accounts too.

The platform can't work long term if it only benefits creators in the short term.

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Hello my friend! Thank you for the video. I always reward my commentators. For me, the comment is very important. I agree with you 100%! Litle comment or big comment. Dosent matter. Have a nice day👋

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Exactly! Most Steem frontends give you a vote slider, so you can upvote a big comment or little comment as you see fit. The most important thing is to reward content consumers.... without them, content creators are nothing!

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