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Hey @raserrano -- thanks for the comment, and thanks for the interest in @exhaust.

Currently, the site at is in alpha stage -- so there are numerous things that are currently imperfect and/or broken.

However -- if you're having troubles posting through, it's likely because the site is no longer optimized (functional) on mobile browsers (or even just smaller screens). Currently, you need to browse the site on a desktop web-browser (I think most screen sizes / resolutions will work). If you log in and browse to your dashboard -- you should see some options to log a new activity. Following the prompts will eventually get you to the point where you can create the post on Steem that's related to your exercise activity:



Hope this clears things up! Also -- I'm hoping to have a much improved version of the site running in the next 3~4 weeks. So please be patient :)

Regarding Gladstones -- you may have had some in Oregon. It's brewed on Vancouver Island, and there's a fair amount of Oregon (mostly Portland) beers up here -- so I wouldn't be surprised!


You are right. By the way I'm a developer as well and I wonder if there is anything I could you with on the project, anyways thanks for taking your time to reply and help me get on @exhaust posting

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Oh cool -- that's good to know. There's a strong chance you could help out with some aspects of the project.

Let me get a few more things organized and create a new git for the beta version. After that, I do aim to have everything be open-source, and I'd fully be willing to accept PR's.

Will keep you posted.

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