New Friends, Old Friends, a Bit of Winter, and some Goal Setting, by @mstafford

I'm not exactly an extrovert...

... So when this guy came and hung out with me for an hour or two yesterday, I was pretty fired up.


But on the flipside... I'm not really into birds, and often try to avoid them. Needless to say, I was pretty conflicted about the whole encounter. The last month has been really refreshing for me, and I feel like I'm getting back on track with a whole suite of practices that have fallen off the wayside. I wont give all the credit to yoga, but I feel like that's a fairly large component. There have been a few things that I've been focussing on since the new year came around: * Getting back into a regular yoga practice; * Going to bed at a reasonable hour on weekdays (Was in bed by 10pm last night! holy crap!); * Wake up a bit earlier so I don't just roll out of bed and stumble to work; * Maintain a positive outlook (this is my strong suit.. I'm an optimistic kinda person); * Take a break from projects every now and then (I last week off working on @exhaust);

IMG<em>20190204</em>094411.jpg IMG<em>20190204</em>094403.jpg IMG<em>20190204</em>094325.jpg
2hr Squash Session with the Dudes Workin' on the van and helping @somebuttstuff disassemble his new motorcycle. As wintery as Victoria is likely to get this season.

This weekend in particular was really enjoyable. I didn't have to go anywhere or do anything that I didn't want to do. Despite the temperature dropping a little bit, I'm feeling really motivated to set some goals / targets for some of my training plans:

Current Running Volume:


It's not much of a secret that I've been slacking on the running front lately. But with a few races on my calendar this year, I need to step my game up a bit. I'm hoping to ramp up my running to a volume that's more in line with:

Average 7-Day Volume
Average 30-Day Volume
Average 90-Day Volume
Cumulative Distance 30km 100km 300km
Goal Timeline February 28th March 30th May 25th

So, I'd like to ramp up my running training to a point where I can generally sustain the numbers above. I'll toss some reminders in my calendar at the dates noted above as a check-in to try to remind myself of these goals, and to see where I'm at. I've brought my running gear into the office today, and intend to get out for a jog at lunchtime. Today will be the first day of trying to hit 30km for the week, which is a little over 4km/day.

I have some loose goals for yoga and climbing as well, but I haven't fleshed them out quite as much. I'm going to put some thought into those and revisit shortly. For now, I'm just gonna sit here and enjoy the feeling of the sun hitting the back of my neck on this cold, crisp, winter morning.

Maybe I can sneak out of work early again today and take the boys to the beach....


8.451 SBD







Lookit these sweet as tables in this post! The rest of us are gonna have to step the hell up to even be in the same stratosphere as this guy.

Good bedtimes seem critical to me these days... when I was in Melbourne I was totally fine on 6ish hours... I think I just forced it... but these days early to bed and early to rise is the way...


There are some great images in there. Victoria looks really nice during the winter, although I am sure it is pretty cold.

By the way, the work on the cumulative graphs looks pretty sweet. Keep up the good work and keep running Mark.

Regards Vince