Ah slip o' the ol' Fingerrrr..

by @mstafford

There's nothing to see here! I accidentally hit a button that I shouldn't have. For my ignorance, here is a cool photo of some of my recent escapades!


I was stirring a bunch of hot tea and/or sugar water for the Kombucha brew -- and I thought the vortex was cool... It has been a slow weekend, now that you mention it...


Whoooo plumbed their van!? We plumbed our van!


Waaaaaaat? There is so much to see here! What are we looking at here on the van? A little sink?

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Have you not seen the rad little copper sink that caity spruced up for the van? I'll see if I can't find some better photos of it -- I'd like to share some pics and stories of the van soon here anyways. Just like everything else though, it's unfinished.

But yeah -- we got a couple water jugs. One for grey-water capture from the van, and the other for a fresh water source that I'm going to hook up to an electric pump. Getting close to time to start thinking about wiring up the electrical system in the van!

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Cool little set you have there. Hope you make sure everything is buttoned up and tightened down. Thise little rattles get to be big rattles in your head. Speaking of experience, of course!

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Ahaha no doubt! Thanks for the heads up! Haven't done much rollin' around yet with the water jugs in there, so we definitely still need to do some fastening!

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