🌧�How We Spend Our Rainy Days 🌧�, by @karensuestudios

It's been raining a lot in Sacramento. When it rains, @polebird and I love to get creative. A little rain doesn't stop us from having fun. Watch our funny @dtube video to see what we decided to do on a rainy day.


What do you like to do on a rainy day?


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pocketsend:11@karensuestudios, play around with the token of fun - POCKET!


Karen, who's your friend? Beautiful, reminds me of when I went snorkeling in Hawaii. Swimming can be fun. Smiling is a taste of Heaven. Thanks for bringing that to us. Very cleaver, creative. Making the most of what we have during rainy days is what Oatmeal is all about. Take care and thanks again.


@karensuestudios, Nice interesting activity under the rainy day. You're flexible much better and swim on the pool nicely. I'm enjoying to watch your video.


Well I would like to snorkel too @karensuestudios if that would be possible but even in shower I get drowned LOL


It has been raining very often over my side in Singapore. We still went over to Sentosa yesterday. My wife and son managed to do the bungee jump. It was one of her dreams. Good thing she did it before the heavy outpour.


haha if it rains, we snorkel... in pool. hahaha :D You made me laugh there. But, I also love swimming when it's raining but in a sea, I'm not a fan of pools that much :D

Hope you're feeling great Karen! :)


haha love this! Do you guys live together?

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