Trail Race : 65km with 3260 Meter in 9hr 57 Minutes, by @himalayanwomb

It was very first time when I was traveling to North East India, and I was there for my next trail race "The Buddha Trails". It was 11th of May and event started on 05:05am from Rimbick main market, which is situated on almost 2000 meter above the sea level. Initially it was 6km flat jeep track with rolling terrain. After crossing shrikhola river it was a sudden ascent with 12km, which was 1960meter high up hill. After crossing the ascent few of us in leading group was on the Shingolila ridge. This ridge is famous among india because one can see the Mount Everest and other 04 eight thousand peaks from there. I ran on ridge almost 18km with gradually uphill. It was last feed station on ridge where I had light meal. The weather was Not good but the best part was that the uphill has finished now it was all down hill run till to finish line. I did last 28km in 4 hours, so it was my another trail running experience.

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Great trail!!!! You got some rmsfitness tokens


Nice one, i am also a runner, finished 66km with 3800m difference in 12 hours two years ago

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Monumental effort! Nice work, as always!



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Hi, @himalayanwomb!

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Wow, that's quite an event and sounds like great scenery too do it in. Were you happy with your performance?