Sunrise From The Pulpit Rock In Winter

by @flatman

The Pulpit Rock In Winter

It was an early Sunday, way earlier than I usually wake up on Sundays we decided to try to get a glimpse of the sunrise on top of the pulpit rock. The journey started at 5am, we gathered up the dogs and drove for 2 hours to get to the starting point of our hike. After walking in the darkness for a while the sky started lighting up in purple/orange/pink colors, we knew we where getting close, we hurried the last bit to get to the top to see the sun rise above the mountains in the distance. Do to the heavy cloud layer the sun came and went in only a few minutes.

Fredrik had to stop to pose for a picture with the Lysefjord in the background while the sun starts to rise. miniDSCN0693.JPG Original (4608x3456)

miniDSCN0711.JPG Original (4608x3456)

miniDSCN0751.JPG Original (4608x3456)

miniDSCN0756.JPG Original (4608x3456)

miniDSCN0763.JPG Original (4608x3456)

miniDSCN0776.JPG Original (4608x3456)

Location: Pulpit Rock, Norway Camera: Nikon P900 No filter have been used No editing have been made to these photos Photographer: @flatman Date of Post: February 5th 2019 Date of Photo: February 3rd 2019


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Wow, what an amazing place, and photos! But how did you make the dogs stay there? ☺

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@marehalm is standing just outside the picture frame telling the dogs to stay put ;) It is worth the hike if you ever are in the area, tho in the summer you will have to walk in line with all the other tourists.

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These photos are incredible! Super inspiring!

Really makes me what to take MY dogs there, but I doubt they'd make it -- looks like a long way up! How long was the hike?

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It's not that far actually, your dogs can probably do it just fine, its only a 2 hour walk each way. We met some runners, they said they usually use 30minutes each way.

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Cool to see the place in winter time :) Thanks @Flatman :)

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